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  • “Thor: Ragnarok”: Marvel From a Postcolonial Perspective

    For all its franchise-building, CGI-laden spectacle, and self-referential humor, Thor: Ragnarok is a tale of colonialism — a cosmic comedy that’s out to remind us of the centuries-long tendency to sweep colonial history under a gilded rug and refuse to learn from it. Don’t look so surprised: This may be a Disney–Marvel comic-book film — and, as […]

  • The Maids Brings Downtown Theater to the Lincoln Center Festival

    It seems fitting that any production of The Maids — the play that launched what came to be known as Theater of the Absurd — should be somewhat absurd itself. In the Lincoln Center Festival’s production (presented in association with the New York City Center), the keenest absurdity lies in the astounding contrast between the […]

  • HBO’s Doll & Em Takes on Women’s Spontaneous Friendship Combustion

    Why can’t women stay friends? That’s a trick question, of course, but also one that British actresses Emily Mortimer and Dolly Wells — lifelong pals in real life — attempt to answer earnestly and honestly in their new HBO cringe comedy Doll & Em. In the six-episode series, Mortimer and Wells play sitcom versions of […]

  • Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine Returns to a World That’s Not Quite Earth

    For anyone who’s been going to the movies at all regularly over the past 45 years, Woody Allen is practically family. His movies may draw fewer passionate responses than they did in the ’70s and ’80s, but we still feel compelled to reckon with him. Whenever Allen comes out with a new one—which he continues […]

  • Cate Blanchett, Aussie Vanya

    Among Chekhov’s four masterpieces, Uncle Vanya (1897) is singular in several ways. It’s the only one to have a predecessor play behind it (1889’s The Wood Demon), so that we can see how Chekhov’s technique and his view of life had altered: bleaker, more streamlined, more cruelly comic. Of his great quartet, it’s the only […]


    Last dazzling New York audiences with her portrayal of Blanche DuBois in A Streetcar Named Desire at BAM, Cate Blanchett returns with her Sydney Theatre Company to take on the role of Yelena in Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya as a part of the Lincoln Center Festival. The production received rave reviews when it came to D.C. […]

  • Tracking a Teenage Mutant Ninja in Hanna

    The era of the teenage action heroine is fully upon us. As pop-cultural correctives go, it’s a mixed blessing. In one corner, you’ve got the jailbait fantasies of Donkey Punch and Kick Ass, which eagerly trade on notions of naughty girliness rather than transcend or interrogate them. In the other, you’ve got True Grit and […]


    Just how intense is a performance of the Sydney Theatre Company’s A Streetcar Named Desire? In September, during the world premiere run in Sydney, Cate Blanchett had to leave in the middle of the show with a bleeding head because her co-star, Joel Edgerton, accidentally hit her with a radio. In case you haven’t figured […]


    When Russell Banks’s acclaimed novel Affliction, which later became a hit film, was published in 1989, the Voice called him a writer that “we, as readers and writers, can actually learn from, whose books help and urge us to change.” Nearly 20 years later, the talented Banks—who will discuss his craft tonight as a part […]

  • 65 Revisited

    The much-ballyhooed release of Todd Haynes’s I’m Not There brings a newsy excuse for a big-screen 65 Revisited—a vérité melange of outtakes from D.A. Pennebaker’s stupendous Bobby-at-24 documentary Don’t Look Back, heretofore a deluxe-edition DVD extra. But also thank Haynes for this: Watch these 63 minutes for the first time and you’ll be haunted by […]