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    “A history of happiness is a funny thing since, for a long time, happiness was viewed as merely the absence of history,” write the editors of n+1. “Then came modernity.” Staying true to this observation, which was made almost 10 years ago in their 2005 issue, the editors of n+1 stop by fellow Brooklyn literary […]

  • 2006 Education Supplement

    Art Instead of tossing out that ever growing pile of unread magazines, put them to good use. Collages “transcend the specific materials and create a work greater than the sum of its parts.” Parson’s course in collage (parsons.edu) offers instruction in technique and materials to achieve your goals, whether it’s a birthday card, anonymous threatening […]

  • Education Listings

    ART The experience of viewing an artist’s work can be affected by how the piece is displayed. Encountering the same work on an established gallery’s immaculate white walls or the cramped living/studio space of your friend in Red Hook can leave you with vastly different impressions. The Museum of Modern Art‘s “Experience or Interpretation” (212-708-9400, […]