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  • Pulitzer Fever

    Ask most newspaper writers if they’re applying for a Pulitzer, and they’ll swear they don’t think about that stuff. But as the February 1 deadline approaches, the politicking has begun. The New York Times submits candidates in all 14 categories, which helps to improve the paper’s odds. This year, everyone’s betting on Portraits of Grief, […]

  • Midnight Confession

    Since it first aired on December 19, CNN’s hospital-bed interview with “American Taliban” John Walker has been heavily hyped, but no one has pointed out what it truly displays: the power of media to indict a man more efficiently than any prosecutor. Bush has yet to announce this man’s crime, but the world has already […]

  • Listings

    All this end-of-the-world sex talk makes Spartos wonder if she’s been living in a cave all these months! (Actually, she’s been living in a makeshift fort in her living room, from which she’s been drinking 40s and watching CNN nonstop.) To her rescue comes on-again, off-again love interest Trust Fund, a philosophy grad student who […]

  • Full Coverage

    PAULINE UNG Age 30 Resides Manhattan Occupation Attorney What do you think of the media’s coverage of the crisis? I think it’s all information overload, but it’s also the same small bit of news being rebroadcast over and over again. I also believe that anthrax has been around a lot longer than they’re admitting, and […]

  • Two-Room Apartment in 1930s Co-Op

    Location Midwood (Brooklyn) Rent $650 (sublet) Square feet 400 Occupant John Montagna (bassist, songwriter, producer) I realized there are hundreds of these buildings on Ocean Avenue that go down all the way to the sea with thousands of people I never met. Who are they? What do they do? A woman just left with a […]

  • Accidents Can Happen

    Around 2 p.m. Sunday, as I sat down to write a column that was due the next morning, my boyfriend turned on the TV for the latest on the mayoral race—only to find out our country was carpet bombing Kabul. So much for advance planning. We spent the next two hours glued to the tube, […]

  • And the Banned Play On

    If you’ve been keeping tabs on your e-mail, perhaps you’ve gotten word of some disturbing questions the mass media haven’t addressed about the fallout from the recent terrorist attacks. Is it true, for instance, that Osama bin Laden profits directly from sales of gum arabic, a food additive? Or that radio DJs are forbidden to […]

  • Columbine Research Task Force

    It may not be pretty, but the site created by the Columbine Research Task Force reveals some of the Net’s true potential. You won’t find dancing baloney or Shockwave tricks—just the work of determined people who question the official story about the Columbine massacre. If Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold acted alone in slaughtering 13 […]

  • Can’t Look Down at UpsideFN.com

    Nine floors above Times Square, J.T. Farley, managing editor of UpsideFN.com, sits in a slightly ill-fitting blue pinstripe suit that’s perhaps too old for him, adjusting the volume on the JBL speakers at his computer to give an example of the kind of broadcasts that can be heard on the new online radio portal. As […]

  • Chads Into Confetti

    Two cartoons in last week’s New Yorker summed up the disconnect attendant on George W. Bush’s inauguration. On the cover, Edward Sorel’s benign depiction of W. getting instructions from Cheney on which hand to raise for the oath, amid first worried, then beaming relatives and officials, might have seemed complaisant by the standards of, say, […]