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  • 1965’s “The 317th Platoon” Is the Movie That Should Have Kept Us Out of Vietnam

    France’s hubris keeps warning us, and so does international cinema. Military brass and George W. Bush administration muckety-mucks famously set aside hours in the early 2000s to screen Gillo Pontecorvo’s The Battle of Algiers in an effort to grasp the success of insurgents against an occupying force. And now a new restoration of Pierre Schoendoerffer’s […]

  • Friedkin’s Sorcerer: As Good As You’ve Heard

    Not to fall into that macho Hemingway bit, but I have to ask: Could it be that the effort it takes to do something that’s difficult often results in that thing being done better than if it had been easy? William Friedkin’s jungle-location triumph/boondoggle Sorcerer trumps today’s event filmmaking with every mud puddle and pit […]

  • Ice Queen on a Hot Streak

    “I had to take time off, OK?” Charlotte Rampling coolly hisses to our very first question (Where’ve you been?), confirming her own off-putting, mega-fatale legend right off the bat. “I don’t want to drag you down into the depths where I’ve been. . . . But it’s not because directors didn’t want to use me. […]