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    Modern-dance choreographer and former punk-rock singer Jody Oberfelder has spent the past 20 years perfecting her creative, witty dances, for which she was named Outstanding Choreographer at last year’s FringeNYC Festival. In honor of her 20th anniversary, the Jody Oberfelder Dance Projects premieres Heads or Tales, a wild retrospective comprised of excerpts from her many […]


    As insect-related troubles go, flies appear far lower down on most New Yorkers lists than bed bus, roaches, or those scary spiders. But it’s the musca domestica that a child does battle with in this adaptation of the Brothers Grimm story, the Axis Theater’s annual holiday fare. After a plucky youth swats seven flies, he […]

  • The Undead of Art History

    For her uneven but tantalizing New York solo debut, 29-year-old, Russian-born Dasha Shishkin has boldly painted all the walls of this warren-like gallery fire-engine red. Interspersed and seamlessly blended into this retinal onslaught are eight reddish drawings on Mylar. It’s hard to make out where the walls end and the drawings begin. Everything blends together; […]

  • Collision Course

    It hardly seems possible but Terry Gilliam’s courageously repellent Tideland—the movie he reportedly abandoned The Brothers Grimm to make—has actually found a distributor. Adapting an essentially plotless novel by Mitch Cullin, Gilliam presents an American Gothic Alice in Wonderland. Little Alice is Jeliza-Rose (Jodelle Ferland, who turned 10 during the shoot), the logorrheic offspring of […]