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  • Cat power

    Location: Upper West Side Rent: $1600 (rent stabilized) Square Feet: 630 Occupants: Fred (cat) and his providers (man and woman) You’ve been lying on your orange back with your white stomach in the air for about three months now in this small but charming apartment on wide, leafy Duke Ellington Boulevard, near Riverside Park. You […]

  • Total Death of Loud

    When I was growing up in Cincinnati in the ’70s, there used to always be arguments about who the loudest band in the world was, “loudness” being equal to a certain form of “greatness.” At one point there were news reports that the Who was the “loudest” band in rock’n’roll— someone had actually gone to […]

  • Rosie Ruiz, Marathoner, 1979­80

    This much we know for certain: Rosie Ruiz was the first woman across the finish line at the 1980 Boston Marathon. The problem was how much of the race she actually ran. No checkpoint officials or top women finishers could remember ever spotting her, and a couple of Harvard students claimed they saw her jumping […]

  • Signal & Noise

    Open Call: Just over a week ago, the usual cluster of geeks found on slashdot.org, the premier site of the technologically obsessed, sounded off wildly on the anthology Open Sources: Voices From the Open Source Revolution. The buzz sparked a buying frenzy that pushed the book to number 12 on Amazon.com’s list for that day […]

  • Tea Party

    We don’t need another story by a woman who did drugs and all kinds of sex and wrote it down just to give a blow-by-blow. We do need The Passionate Mistakes and Intimate Corruption of One Girl in America, a wise, lyrical, autobiographical first novel by 27-year-old Michelle Tea. The title strikes the book’s one […]

  • Film

    Writer-director-composer Roland Tec tackles the touchy subject of gay narcissism in this adaptation of his stage play, A Better Boy. The film’s antihero Chris (John-Michael Lander), a gym-bodied Boston lawyer, flits from pickup to pickup until he settles down temporarily with Stewart (David Vincent), a sweetie-pie country mouse. When Chris starts playing the field again, […]

  • Small Worlds

    Across the river from Boston’s tony Beacon Hill–and a world away from the salt-of-the-earth Southie of Good Will Hunting–lies the neighborhood of Charlestown, a mostly Irish, working-class enclave where, according to Monument Ave, you definitely don’t want to park your car. That’s because a gangster called Jackie O (Colm Meaney, sounding more Irish than Irish-American) […]

  • Girlstown

    Among the myriad wrongs that Hollywood has committed, consider this: No studio has ever cast Hope Davis as the lead in a romantic comedy. Along with bossa nova and Boston, Davis is a key element in Brad Anderson’s anti-formulaic Next Stop, Wonderland. If you find Sleepless in Seattle cloying and less than credible, if you […]

  • NY Mirror

    The Boston Nightlife Awards may sound as oxymoronic a concept as L.A. style or army intelligence, but there are actual clubs there, and some of them are not just for oxen or morons. See, I just MC’d those very awards at a place ominously called Karma—sent there by the club’s (and our own Tunnel’s) director, […]