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    From his scandalous conical bra for Madonna to his punk-rock wedding dress for Beth Ditto to his stage costumes for Marilyn Manson, Jean Paul Gaultier has never met a rebel he didn’t want to dress. Exploring Gaultier’s diverse universe, the exhibit The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk, making […]

  • Blondie+X

    The punk band who deftly integrated disco, hip-hop, and new wave well before popular music took heed to all of those elements is back with a new album titled Ghosts of Download and a Beth Ditto-featuring single called “A Rose by Any Name.” Always up on the modern and never a band to back into […]

  • “Ticked-off Trannies” Should Get a GLAAD Award!

    Last week’s batch of de rigueur politically incorrect entertainment involved attention-grabbing “trannies” and “fag hags,” plus a drag queen in love with a lesbian and a real-life lesbian rock star who became a straight woman when her girlfriend transitioned to a man. And you wonder why I don’t get jaded? The Tribeca Film Festival rocked […]


    “The woman is radioactive with personality—and she’s not bad in person, either,” said our own Michael Musto in a recent Paper magazine profile of Beth Ditto, fiercely confident and hyper-stylish frontwoman for Gossip. It’s true; Ditto’s poise and advocation for the LGBT community is only rivaled in awesomeness by the band’s kinetic dance-punk jams, equal […]

  • Body Rock

    The Gossip and the BellRays play body music. Fat bodies, skinny bodies, short bodies, tall bodies, black bodies, white bodies, yellow bodies, purple bodies, gay bodies, straight bodies—if you can’t get down to this, then you ain’t got a body. (Go think about the new Radiohead record instead. There will be a quiz Thursday at […]