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    The Acorns‘ Glory Hope Mountain (2007) was a resplendent, avant-folk diorama about a Honduran immigrant’s meager beginnings and travels toward hard-won peace. That the subject was real and was singer Rolf Klausener’s mother only supported its intensely intricate spell. Canada offered us Yanks many gorgeous epics in the mid-’00s years from the likes of the […]

  • Basia Bulat

    After a ton of touring that earned her recognition the old-fashioned way, Toronto-based singer/songwriter Basia Bulat followed Oh, My Darling, her enjoyably willowy 2008 debut, with the equally steady Heart of My Own, which was even more old-fashioned. Bulat, guiding her music at all times with a verdant and proudly unchecked voice, also betrays a […]

  • St. Vincent+tUnE-YaRds+Basia Bulat

    Why have Lilith Fair ticket sales been plummeting? Because in 2010, the real patchouli-scented sirens of the summer festival season are the oddball instrumentalists St. Vincent, tUnE-YaRds, and Basia Bulat. St. Vincent (a/k/a Annie Clark) is known for her dramatic love songs almost as much as her good looks, while Montreal solo artist tUnE-YaRds concocts […]

  • Basia Bulat

    A decade and a half ago, flaxen-haired Basia Bulat might’ve been lumped in with the Lilith Fair set, given her proclivity for the autoharp and her iconic voice (shades of Natalie Merchant). But on her latest album, Heart Of My Own, she collaborated with Arcade Fire producer Howard Billerman and her brother Bobby to create […]