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  • Inside the Heads of Obama’s Health Care Town-Hall Rowdies

    In the reports from the health care town halls that some frightened politicians have been holding with their constituents (“Raucous Crowd Greets Cardin at Health-Care Town Hall,” “Crowd Heckles, Shouts, Lobs Insults at Farr’s Health-Care Town Hall,” “Violence Breaks Out at Democratic Town Halls,” etc.), it’s the loud voices that have gotten most of the […]

  • Arlen Specter’s Sellout

    It is within the court’s duty to ensure that power is never condensed . . . into a single branch of government. —Chief Federal District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor, American Civil Liberties Union, et al. v. National Security Agency Judge Anna Diggs Taylor’s August 17 ruling that the National Security Agency, with the secret approval […]

  • Congress and Judges Gagged

    Arlen Specter, a Republican and an unusually independent chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has been publicly and insistently charging that the president violated the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act by authorizing the National Security Agency’s secret, warrantless eavesdropping on our phone calls and e-mails. The administration’s answer, however, was underlined on May 8 by John […]

  • Full Text: Alito on Presidential Power

    Considering President Bush’s recent admission that he taped the private conversations of private citizens, it’s no surprise that presidential powers topped abortion in significance the second day of Judge Samuel A. Alito’s confirmation hearings. The verdict on Alito’s stance on the issue remains unclear: Despite Alito’s assertions that he was only “stating the position of […]

  • Grim Specter of Things to Come

    Whoever thought that the man who helped put Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court—and raked Anita Hill over the coals in the process—would be the last best hope of abortion rights advocates? Welcome to the truly alarming post-election reality. In a second W. term, anti-choice conservatives are fighting furiously to keep Republican Arlen Specter from […]

  • Musical Chairs in the White House

    WASHINGTON, D.C.—In an intricate game of revolving chairs within the Bush administration, the President is nominating White House counsel Alberto R. Gonzales, whom the Dems can’t think of any real reason to oppose, for attorney general. At the same time, he is withholding serious backing for Pennsylvania’s Arlen Specter, who is up for chair of […]

  • Twin Leaks

    At a Senate hearing on October 3, the last witness was Notra Trulock, the former Energy Department official who cooked up the theory that China stole our nuclear secrets with the help of former Los Alamos scientist Wen Ho Lee. The last question before the break came from Arlen Specter, who asked what Trulock meant […]