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  • Men of War and Peace: Behind the Scenes at Camp David in Back Door Channels

    Back Door Channels: The Price of Peace opens with a four-minute history of 4,000 years’ worth of conflict in the Middle East. Although the next 90 minutes are dedicated to the decade leading up to the Israeli-Egyptian treaty brokered in 1979, the effect is no less head spinning. Untangling the ideological and geographical disputes knotting […]

  • Can Sadat X Make Wine Hip-Hop?

    Rappers have sipped on gin and juice, St. Ides, Courvoisier, Alizé, Hpnotiq, Cristal, and, of course, sizzurp, but have seemingly never had much time for wine. Recent attempts to incorporate it into song have ranged from bumbling (Fabolous notes that his lady has “enough class for wine/still handle Patrón”) to pshaw-worthy, such as that time […]