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  • Gregory Doran and the Royal Shakespeare Company Settle In to a Thorny “King Lear” at BAM

    Gregory Doran has the rumpled, bewhiskered aspect of the English teacher you totally crushed on in college. That accent, those dry jokes — ’tis to swoon! Alas, he’s taken. Since 1987, Doran and the acclaimed actor Antony Sher have been partners on stage and off, their names inseparable from the Royal Shakespeare Company, which Doran […]

  • Speaking the Unimaginable

    Antony Sher is an English actor, and the great virtue of Primo, his one-man show based on the writings of Primo Levi, is a characteristically English virtue: discretion. Casually dressed, bespectacled, and spade-bearded, he saunters, almost slouches, onto the half-lit stage, his hands in his pockets, and begins to speak, in a high, light, precise […]