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  • Donald Trump and the Coming War on Women’s Rights

    The history of women in America before Roe v. Wade is a history of blood. When Caroline had an abortion in 1963, she went alone to a “ramshackle little house” in a disreputable neighborhood of Youngstown, Ohio. Later, in her college dormitory, she labored for twelve hours, alone, and began to bleed uncontrollably. “There was […]

  • Right Tries Not to Clap Hands Too Gleefully About Abortion Rights Repeal After Kennedy’s Exit

    One thing you can say about the brutal Trump era: It’s made conservatives more frank about how eager they are to destroy liberalism and anyone protected by it. While some of the brethren tried, ineffectively, to conceal their glee at Wednesday’s retirement announcement by Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, many popped champagne at the imminent hope of […]

  • Arguendo Is Full of Supremely Naughty Charm

    Who knew Supreme Court justices have such complicated, libidinous inner lives? Anthony Kennedy muses on adults-only car washes. Sandra Day O’Connor contemplates pornographic videos. Antonin Scalia obsesses over nude opera. These racy reveries appear in Arguendo, a verbatim theater piece from Elevator Repair Service at the Public Theater. As in the celebrated Gatz, a seven-hour […]

  • ‘Times’ to Commoners: Go Elsewhere

    When The New York Times and Forest City Ratner Companies open their grand new office building on Eighth Avenue, it won’t have a Taco Bell, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, or Nathan’s, because they are specifically forbidden under terms of a land deal with the state. But a Starbucks or Cosi would be just fine. The lease, which […]

  • Down by Law

    WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Christian right’s campaign against activist judges is definitely having its effect on the judiciary. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, who last week was attacked—some might say threatened—by speeches at a conference against liberal judges, asked Congress for more guards around the court building. Newsweek reports that Sandra Day O’Connor had already been concerned […]

  • Stalin to the Rescue

    Playing politics with religion is a hot-button issue here, but a tricky one. To some of those gathered under the Republican big tent, Bush has gone too far into the religious camp, but to others in his key religious base, the president doesn’t go far enough. At a gathering of religious conservatives to discuss “Remedies […]