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  • Bening and Harris Have Excellent Chemistry in The Face of Love

    Arie Posin’s romantic drama tips its hand when we see that protagonist Nikki (Annette Bening), a widowed interior decorator, has chosen posters for Andrei Tarkovsky’s Nostalghia and Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo for the house she’s currently sprucing up. This is moments before she first sees Tom (Ed Harris), a dead ringer for Nikki’s late husband, Garrett […]

  • Girl Most Likely, a Jersey-vs.-Manhattan Comedy

    Less funny than her worst SNL sketch, Girl Most Likely strands Kristen Wiig in a dreadful, disingenuous city-vs.-suburbs comedy that mercilessly mocks New Jersey before turning around and celebrating its provincial trashiness over the hoity-toity snootiness of Manhattan. Fired from her job and dumped by her boyfriend, once-promising playwright Imogene (Wiig) fakes a suicide attempt […]

  • Yogawoman

    It’d be churlish to describe a documentary about yoga and female fortitude as agitprop, so what then? Tranquiprop? Anyway, Yogawoman clearly is a fan of yoga and of women. And as it gently reminds us, these two special interests have not always been compatible. “In the Indian scriptures,” a calmly neutral Annette Bening narrates, “women […]

  • Annette Bening Hot For Mark Ruffalo

    Well, not sexually. I don’t think. I’ll let her do the explaining. At last night’s New York Film Critics soiree, Annette accepted the Best Actress honor for The Kids Are All Right in which she and lover Julianne Moore have kids via sperm donor Mark Ruffalo. ] Well, in praising Ruffalo, Annette gushed, “Julianne fell […]

  • Year in Film: Girl on Girl Action Gets Screwed

    ”It’s not about lesbians—it’s about family!” one straight critic and friend corrected me during a brief discussion of Lisa Cholodenko’s The Kids Are All Right, one of the year’s most critically lauded films, placing #21 in this year’s Village Voice Film Poll. Her remark, meant as high praise of the film’s universal (read: non-lavender) appeal, […]

  • The Kids Are All Right

    Dir. Lisa Cholodenko (2010) Serious comedy, full of good-natured innuendo, The Kids Are All Right gives adolescent coming-of-age and the battle of the sexes a unique twist, in part by creating a romantic triangle between a devoutly bourgeois lesbian couple (Annette Bening and Julianne Moore) and their merrily free-spirited sperm donor (Mark Ruffalo). Despite its […]

  • Cher vs. Annette Bening: Which Mother of a FTM Is Doing Better?

    Cher once had problems coming to terms with her daughter Chastity’s lesbianism, and now she admits she still wrestles with being totally comfortable regarding Chastity’s transitioning to Chaz Bono. The Oscar-winning singer/actress still gets the pronouns wrong and sometimes forgets to say “he,” but something about the way she’s so honest about this is quite […]

  • Lesbians Always Sleep With Men — In the Movies Anyway

    In case you missed my scintillating column this week — and there’s no decent reason why you should have — let me drag out a part of it that deals with the acclaimed lesbian family dramedy The Kids Are All Right. I write about “one plot aspect that initially made me queasy in my pants. […]

  • The Most Outrageous Performance Artist in Town!

    With black makeup caked around her eyes in a raccoony fashion, and hair askew, electrocution-style, Dynasty Handbag indulges in neurotic rituals and interior monologues that are hilarious, brave, and a little scary. The creation of performance artist Jibz Cameron, Dynasty is jazzing up Dixon Place’s Hot! Festival with VERTititGO, a hyper-noirish tale of a woman […]

  • I Got Street Reactions to The Kids Are All Right

    There’s a hilarious video I did for movieline.com, asking opening-day customers who just saw the lesbian family dramedy The Kids Are All Right whether Annette Bening should stick with Warren Beatty or run off with Julianne Moore. The answers I got will add some extra zing to your potpourri. And check out that great credit […]