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  • “Where Is Kyra?” Director Andrew Dosunmu on Filming New York and Working With Michelle Pfeiffer

    Nobody shoots New York like Andrew Dosunmu. Though born in Lagos, Nigeria, the photographer-turned-filmmaker has become, over the course of his last three features, one of the city’s most idiosyncratic and essential chroniclers — peering into corners rarely seen, through a visual style that brings both mystery and beauty to his subjects. In Restless City (2011), […]

  • Michelle Pfeiffer Gives the Performance of Her Life in “Where Is Kyra?”

    There has always been an air of loneliness about Michelle Pfeiffer onscreen. Even in her glamorous, gorgeous movie-star heyday, she often played women who were somewhat removed from the world. Catwoman, after all, was a cat lady; Countess Ellen Olenska in The Age of Innocence an outcast; Married to the Mob’s Angela de Marco a widow […]

  • Mother of George Offers a Gorgeous Brooklyn Fertility Tale

    The inability to have a child is often treated as a white-people problem, the province of middle- and upper-class couples who end up resorting to expensive fertility treatments. But Andrew Dosunmu’s supple, observant drama Mother of George puts a different spin on this anguishing issue: A woman who longs for a child and finds herself […]

  • How Mother of George’s Portrait of Dislocation Got Painted

    African–born filmmaker Andrew Dosunmu’s Mother of George takes place in Brooklyn, but it might as well be set on another continent—or even planet. The story of a Nigerian couple trying to conceive a baby in New York, this visually evocative feature appropriates the intricately patterned textiles, blue and gold colors, and elaborate customs of their […]

  • Restless City

    The stories and struggles of African immigrants in America are rarely told in American media and are notably missing from most dialogue around the issue of immigration. For that reason alone, director Andrew Dosunmu’s visually gorgeous tale of 21-year-old Senegalese musician Djbirl (Sy Alassane) and his efforts to navigate Harlem make it a novelty even […]