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  • Why Trump’s Blame of Mass Shootings on the ‘Mentally Disturbed’ Is Dangerous

    It doesn’t take long to meet the gunman, or at last a hasty sketch of him, drawn from a trickle of details that never quite snap into focus. This one is 19 years old, a quiet loner who hated school and loves firearms. He used Instagram to post anti-Muslim slurs, and to share photos of […]

  • Despite Cuomo Action, Thousands of Prisoners Still Denied Access to Books

    Each month, Daniel McGowan spends hours in a dusty Red Hook cellar selecting books from a curious library organized in milk crates. He wraps the books carefully in craft paper and discarded brown bags before sending them to people in prisons across the country. The recipients have mailed in title or genre requests to Books […]

  • Will Cuomo Really Save New Yorkers From the GOP Tax Bill?

    Last month, Gov. Andrew Cuomo officially announced his plan to counter the federal tax law’s double-taxing of state and local income taxes with a simple gambit: Eliminate New York state income taxes, and instead collect the same amount of money via payroll taxes on employers. Since employees aren’t taxed on money they don’t earn — and employers […]

  • MTA’s Power Outage Fib Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

    As the MTA constantly reminds us, there’s a fine line between incompetence and malice. Nowhere is this more evident than in the transit authority’s official statistics on subway performance. On Sunday, the Daily News reported that last summer, MTA officials purposely inflated statistics on delays caused by power failure in an effort to pin as […]

  • Cuomo’s Congestion Pricing Plan Actually Isn’t Half-Bad

    It’s been three months since Governor Andrew Cuomo appointed a panel to come up with a congestion pricing plan to, as the panel was named, Fix NYC. That report came out today and it’s…good? I know, I’m just as surprised as you! Meet the new proposed congestion charge, pretty much the same as the old […]

  • We Watched Cuomo’s State Of The State So You Don’t Have To

    Governor Andrew Cuomo delivered his annual State of the State speech today in Albany, talking for about an hour and a half about his plans for New York. Voice political reporters David Colon and Aaron Gordon kept their eyes open for the entire thing, and tried to interpret what the governor’s yearly display of rhetoric and […]

  • How Medical Marijuana Changed My Life (Sort Of)

    More than twenty years after I first attempted to quell a migraine headache with a bong hit, I have become a card-carrying medical-marijuana user. Well, not exactly. This is New York State. You can’t get actual marijuana, only extracts. This makes it impossible to access what could be my best medical option, and significantly increases […]

  • Four Lessons From Our Year of Subway Hell

    When I told my doctor last week that I’m a transit reporter, she asked what I thought of the incoming New York City Transit president, Andy Byford. I remarked how unusual it is that ordinary citizens such as herself are even aware of such hires within the MTA. She responded — I’m paraphrasing here — […]

  • How Much Is It Worth to Bring Amazon to Town?

    Today is deadline day for bids to become the home of Amazon’s new second headquarters, and New York City is among the dozens of cities and states throwing welcome mats into the ring. A joint production of the New York City Economic Development Corporation and the state’s Empire State Development agency — conjuring images of […]

  • Meet the Woman Who Wants to End Cuomo’s Centrist Reign

    Andrew Cuomo, pragmatist progressive extraordinaire, wouldn’t seem at first glance to be someone who would be vulnerable to a primary challenge. He was the governor who passed same-sex marriage into law years before the Supreme Court legalized it. In certain parts of the state, the minimum wage will soon be $15 an hour. Public college […]