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  • CityState

    June 1 At the Salute to Israel Day Parade, Women in Black will be standing as a group on Fifth Avenue and East 67th Street, on the Northeast corner, at 10:30 a.m. to support the Israeli peace movement and voice our dissent regarding Israel’s illegal occupation and settlements that perpetute the conflict. We will have […]

  • Hiphop Takes Stock in ‘Drop the Rock’

    The “Countdown to Fairness,” an endeavor that brings the rap world into the fight against the Rockefeller Drug Laws, launched a campaign on May 9 that establishes a deadline of June 4 for the repeal of legislation that subjects nonviolent offenders to extended mandatory sentences for minimal possession. Taking a cue from nation leaders, a […]

  • New York’s Bush League Democrats

    Eliot Spitzer, the attorney general whose everyday agenda is framed by gubernatorial ambition, went out of his way on the eve of the war to endorse it, joining the ranks of New York’s Bush League Democrats. Four days before the first missiles were fired, Spitzer’s top spokesman told the weasel-walloping Post that the AG “supports […]

  • Getting Greened

    The ghost of Mark Green haunted the Democratic primary for governor this year, ultimately forcing Andrew Cuomo’s stunning retreat. While news columns are filled now with 9-11 memories of a unified city, it is worth remembering that only one month after the attack, Green’s victory over Fernando Ferrer in the October 11 mayoral runoff was […]

  • Dead Man Running

    You might remember the movie El Cid, where the great general is mortally wounded, so his supporters tie him on a horse and he leads the people in battle. Everybody thinks he’s still alive even though he died. Well, maybe Andrew Cuomo is El Cid, but the Liberal Party is the rope and the horse. […]

  • Labor’s Cheap Date With Pataki

    No matter who emerges as the winner of next week’s Democratic gubernatorial primary, the party’s candidate will be forced to campaign as much against organized labor as for it. Whether it’s Carl McCall or Andrew Cuomo, any candidate seeking to describe how the Republican administration of incumbent Governor George Pataki has failed to serve the […]

  • McCall’s Mess

    The most obscure Democratic gubernatorial primary in modern history finally made it onto the front pages. A cardboard-box kingpin with a penchant for progeny did what the son of a famous governor and the state’s only black official couldn’t do. He got some sex into a dud of a race. Dennis Mehiel is the golden […]

  • Just Say Maybe?

    Despite quite a few sound bites and photo ops purporting to be movement on the reform of New York’s infamous Rockefeller drug laws, nothing has happened. For many years, Governor George Pataki has advocated for reform. This year, the state assembly passed legislation for reform. The state senate agrees that reform is needed; yet another […]

  • What’s Next for the Left?

    The Democrats, who always want black Americans to think that they are our best friends at election time, don’t live up to their promises with much more consistency than their Republican counterparts. —E.R. Shipp, Daily News, February 4 The Democratic Party has taken black voters for granted. The black vote is up for grabs. —Kweisi […]

  • Spit-Shining a Scandal

    Three days before he was swept out of D.C., Andrew Cuomo swept into his home state to try to wash away the stain of the HUD 203(k) scandal that has left 450 brownstones in default and teetering toward foreclosure. But the impression left by Charlie King, his official representative for New York and New Jersey, […]