Tag: Andrew Bujalski

  • The Graduates

    Most of the ha-ha’s in Funny Ha Ha are not exactly funny: Andrew Bujalski’s debut feature is foremost a squirming comedy of recognition. This Boston ultra-indie—which Bujalski wrote, directed, edited, and co-starred in—slouches through the blurry limbo of post-collegiate existence, a period at once ephemeral and cruelly decisive. It opens with 23-year-old heroine Marnie (Kate […]

  • Funny Because It’s True

    “It’s had a very peculiar life span—nothing that I could have predicted,” muses writer-director Andrew Bujalski on his debut feature, Funny Ha Ha, which finally gets a theatrical release this week after two years of festival and cable appearances. A breezily plotted movie of fumbling pauses and awkward silences, Funny Ha Ha is an endearingly […]