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  • WBAI’s Death by Democracy

    It was 6:30 p.m. on August 9, at the end of the evening news. The voice of Jose Santiago, longtime news director at the legendary radical radio station WBAI, drifted out over the airwaves for what would be the last time. “Over the years, I’ve knocked out last-minute news copy at breakneck speeds thousands of […]


    Feminism, free love, atheism, and violent uprisings are some of the ideals Emma Goldman touted when she ruled the radical scene, in our own Union Square, at the turn of the 20th century. The Russian-born anarchist is one of a cavalcade of revolutionaries whose words will be dramatized tonight at Great Evenings in The Great […]


    The Yes Men, whose goal it is to bring about social change via astonishing pranks—from punking the BBC to distributing a fake New York Times issue with the headline “Iraq War Ends”—may not be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize any time soon. But tonight, they’ll receive the Leonore Annenberg Prize for Art and Social Change, […]


    Worried about the war in Iraq? Political violence in Darfur? The decline of the dollar? All of the above? Left Forum 2008, the annual event that brings together a range of left-wing activists, thinkers, and organizers from around the world, hopes to provide you with some answers—or at least a shoulder to cry on. This […]

  • Progressives Use Frustration as Fuel for Action

    “People always say lefties complain too much,” I complained to Stanley Aronowitz, one of the organizers of this weekend’s Left Forum 2006, “instead of coming up with . . . ” “Alternatives!” Aronowitz, the noted labor activist, finished the sentence. “You asked the right question.” Examining the list of more than 70 panels to choose […]

  • ‘One Bright Shining Moment: The Forgotten Summer of George McGovern’

    Exactly the sort of starry-eyed, bullet-spraying hyperbole that drains credibility from any brand of political discourse, Stephen Vittoria’s exhaustive portrait of McGovern and his career leading up to the derailed 1972 presidential campaign may be useful as home-front history, if only it didn’t rant, yowl, and wet its pants so much. McGovern’s path into Nixon’s […]

  • A Dose of Democracy, Now

    Monday, January 14—For the first time in five long months, Amy Goodman turned on the mic this morning and talked to her beloved WBAI fans, as her signature show, Democracy Now!, returned from exile. For the first time in a year, Juan Gonzalez came back as Goodman’s co-host. And for the first time in a […]

  • Can WBAI Be Saved?

    Before WBAI became part of Pacifica Radio network, it was located at the Hotel Pierre and the owner was Louis Schweitzer, a rather eccentric man of considerable means. Gunther Schuller and I had a weekly jazz program on WBAI then; and one night, between sets at the Village Gate, Schweitzer told me that he was […]

  • Morning Sedition

    The troubles that have rocked Pacifica Radio’s WBAI in recent weeks have outraged many but surprised few. This is only the latest bout in the long power struggle that has riven the nation’s oldest and only independent radio network. At the heart of the crisis, say workers and supporters of the New York City station, […]