Tag: Alexander de Large

  • Fightville

    Locker-room doc Fightville reports on a very specific milieu: minor-league mixed martial arts as practiced in the strip-mall gyms, fairgrounds, and rodeo arenas of Louisiana’s Cajun country. The personnel include Gil “The Thrill” Guillory, a former wrestler who now works independently arranging USA-MMA cage bouts, and, keeping Guillory’s fight cards stocked, Tim Credeur, proprietor of […]

  • Just Another Day in Michael Almereyda’s Paradise

    Being trapped by a stranger’s home movies might ordinarily feel akin to the Ludovico treatment from A Clockwork Orange, but director Michael Almereyda’s exquisite scrapbook of lyrical vérité surprises—modestly recorded over a decade in nine different countries as he worked on other films/traveled, and then expertly curated—makes for both high art and rousing entertainment. Though […]

  • Back in time to Williston Park

    Williston Park is still set firmly in another decade, one that owes more to Pleasantville than this futuro Clockwork Orange era. Shopkeepers hang gigantic leaves on the facades for autumn and sweep their sidewalks clean each morning. The Ivy Cottage garners praise from foodies for its interesting selection of prix fixe dinners; old-fashioned Hildebrandt’s serves […]