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    At the very least, Akron/Family are poised now for all sorts of “explosive” puns, but you should expect more (from the NY/Portland psych-rockers, not from us). Their new album, S/T II: The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT, which landed last week, was written in a cabin built into the side of Mount Meakan, […]


    Burlesque stars Christina Aguilera and Cher, and the gays still aren’t satisfied? Clearly, the only thing missing from the new film is dick. That’s why Mimi Imfurst headlines a cast of drag-theater stars to mount Boylesque, a parody of the film before it even comes out. The action is moved from a glamorous nightclub in […]

  • Jazz Consumer Guide: Mocking Traditions, or Joining Them

    Pick Hits Rudresh Mahanthappa & Steve Lehman Dual Identity | Clean Feed Two alto saxmen, rising stars at least according to Downbeat‘s critics, in a free-jazz quintet mediated by guitarist Liberty Ellman. Mahanthappa has sopped up Coltrane and the Karnatic tradition, but here blends in with Lehman, who learned his stuff from Jackie McLean and […]

  • Basketball Doc More Than a Game as Processed as Space Jams

    More Than a Game follows Akron’s Fab Four (later Five) kids on the basketball court, from their “Shooting Stars” traveling youth team into high school and a run of championships. The reason this documentary tells their story—instead of that of the team that miraculously upsets the by-then-nationally-recognized starters in junior-year playoffs—is because one of the […]

  • More Otherworldly Psych-Rock Investigations with Akron/Family

    Akron/Family’s Seth Olinsky would like to be Jerry Garcia, at least for a minute. And he wouldn’t mind if the Dead’s people knew this. “Wouldn’t it be cool if Phil and Bobby showed up?” the bearded, bespectacled guitarist asks quietly, before leading the crowd around Union Pool’s campfire in an acoustic sing-along of “I Know […]

  • Dan Auerbach

    Dan Auerbach, the singing and guitaring Black Key, never needs a band with his main gig. But the breadth of his solo joint Keep It Hid, with its blues-psych syrup brewed from intuitive touches of analog fuzz, parlor organ, and other voices supporting his own hardwood Midwestern keen, further establishes Auerbach as a dude with […]

  • Radical Comfort

    Pick Hits THE DAVID S. WARE QUARTETS Live in the World (Thirsty Ear) It’s a fine cosmic joke, the way radical sounds turn comforting as they grow old. I’ve played these three CDs for atmosphere during a Vermont retreat, for solace after a disturbing afternoon with my demented 90-year-old dad—for the organic integrity of live […]

  • Books

    If Chrissie Hynde had been an author rather than a rocker, she might have written “Home Town,” the first section in Melissa Holbrook Pierson’s polemic against “progress,” instead of “My City Was Gone.” Both artists lament the suburbanization of their native Ohio. Pierson grew up in Akron during the ’60s and ’70s. In The Place […]

  • Miller’s Crossing

    As a literary landscape, the small Midwestern town often serves as a backdrop for cautious family dramas, in which quiet people living quiet lives have quiet epiphanies. But anyone who sat with bated breath on November 2 can attest that the Midwest—Ohio in particular—is much more fractured and inscrutable than many of us imagine. As […]

  • Are We Not Zen? We Are Repo!

    Like a pair of Zeligs w/portfolio, Susan Schmidt and Deborah Smith seem to materialize on each fateful stage of the Akron music scene. In the 1960s, they led all-female r’n’r code-breakers the Poor Girls, who opened for big axes like Cream and stuck brassy ideas into the mind pockets of teen fan Chrissie Hynde. By […]