Tag: Akon

  • Future

    Just as the human body is always naked under its clothes, the human voice is always bare, even when covered in thick layers of rasp and Auto-Tune. Taking cues from the rapper-turned-singer pantheon of T-Pain, Kanye, Wayne, Drake, and Akon, ATL’s Future often raps and sings “At the Same Damn Time,” in an cadence that […]

  • Usher

    The r&b star used to keep things “Nice & Slow,” as he put it in his 1998 hit, but these days, Usher is in more of an uptempo dance-pop mode. “OMG” and “DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love” are among the finest–and fleetest–products of Top 40 radio’s current Euro-house obsession. Expect plenty of fancy footwork […]

  • The Hood Internet

    Girl Talk paired Britney with Akon. Chi-town mash-up duo the Hood Internet took the concept one step further, creating sublime confections in which hip-hop met indie rock before Kanye even knew Bon Iver’s name. They’re famous on the Internet for their signature track, “Two Weeks of Hip Hop,” which blended Grizzly Bear with Dead Prez […]

  • Pink: Not Dead, Again

    After several hitless years in the wake of “Get the Party Started,” r&b songstress turned pop-rock badass Pink proved the title of her 2006 album I’m Not Dead surprisingly correct; unfortunately, as songs like “U + Ur Hand” and “Who Knew” scorched the airwaves anew, the home fires of her two-year marriage to motocross racer […]

  • Michael McDonald: Mystery White Boy

    Michael McDonald was the Akon of the ’80s. Ubiquitous, inescapable. The consummate guest star, backing vocalist, and duet partner, trading lines with everyone from James Ingram to Patti LaBelle to Kenny Loggins to his own sister. Like top-shelf vodka, his bubbly, mush-mouthed yodel (wherein murdered consonants ascend to heaven and are awarded 72 virgin vowels) […]

  • Ugly, Dirty, Redundant, and Toxic

    I’m sure the opening comment of the Britney album has been played to death critically, but it’s taken on a really funky performative quality in my real-life social groups. We’ll now say hello to each other by saying, “It’s Britney, bitch,” like as an introduction. Mordechai Shinefield Manhattan While selling far less units, she’s maintaining […]

  • Beauty in the Beast

    At My Age, Nick Lowe’s fourth straight utterly fantastic sad-sack country record, has a benevolent, whimsical, grandfatherly air that’s both sincere and devilishly devious—a jovial wink to distract you as he reaches around to pinch your ass. Daughters, lock yourselves up: Though the Jesus of Cool’s testaments are older now, he’s still got sin on […]

  • Hits of iTunes

    Gym Class Heroes “Cupid’s Chokehold” From As Cruel as School Children Of course the MySpace generation was eventually going to want its own fluffy, unthreatening rap group, but that doesn’t make this awkward, rhythmless plod any easier to take. It’s all pretty dire: the sproinging bass, the ineffectual DJ scratches, the off-kilter acoustic-guitar lurch, the […]

  • Flow Charts

    There’s just something about the cold steel CLANG! of slamming prison cell doors that’s music to the ears. Must be why r&b lothario Akon prefaces all the tracks on his filler-filled sophomore LP, Konvicted, with the noise. CLANG! His prison time, however brief, means to establish the thug cred he requires to trade verses with […]

  • Life After 50

    50 Cent already has a legacy. He seemed indifferent to success in 2003—has the guy smiled even yet? He proved iciness, gun love, and a buff torso alone can win people over nowadays. Never mind that as an MC, 50 possesses the most nondescript superstar voice ever. When he glares at a camera and tells […]