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  • Go Green at Sabor a Mexico Taqueria

    If you’re addicted to the excellent tamales sold surreptitiously from shopping carts around the Port Authority, give those at the East Village’s Sabor a Mexico Taqueria a try. Jam-packed with stuffing and more subtly flavored, the tamales arrive opened like spring flowers, cradled in their corn-husk wrappers. A lovely chile gravy cascades over the top, […]


    On the heels of the New York International Latino Film Festival comes another film series celebrating the talents of young Mexicans who are truly revolutionizing cinema. GenMex: Recent Films From Mexico, presented by Celebrate Mexico Now (a 10-day citywide festival offering an introduction to contemporary Mexican art and culture), will showcase nine movies curated by […]

  • Out of the Past

    Dir. Jacques Tourneur (1947). Quintessential noir, not least in its title, Out of the Past tracks fall guy Robert Mitchum’s destruction at the hands of femme fatal Jane Greer. Mitchum is pretty implacable himself—swaddled in the same trench coat from New York to Acapulco to San Francisco. Fri., Feb. 18, 7 p.m., 2011

  • Summer Guide: Salad Daze

    Our long pork-belly winter has faded into the back-ground. Following the dictates of our foodie patriarchs, we’ve obediently sucked down hundredweights of lard, butter, and tallow, and generally treated our weary corpses as oleaginous dumping grounds. We’ve gobbled trans fats and saturated fats and other meat-borne substances so pernicious that the shrill-voiced harpies of nutrition […]

  • A Talented Guerreran Cook Climbs Down Off the Awning

    Until it closed a year ago, De Guerreros Taqueria on Fifth Avenue was the best taco spot in Sunset Park. It was also the first place in town to serve food associated with Guerrero, a state west of Puebla dominated by four mountain ranges. Though it paradoxically stretches from the outskirts of Mexico City to […]

  • Drama/Mex

    Amores Perros is a yappy whelp compared to this striking degrees-of-separation drama by Mexican writer-director Gerardo Naranjo, who uses a fleet mobile camera and flexible ‘Scope framing to capture the seedy volatility of off-the-guidebook Acapulco. Naranjo opens with a bravura sequence that follows cruelly suave Chano (Emilio Valdés) and his furious ex Fernanda (Diana Garcia) […]