Tag: Abu Ghraib

  • Gore-cake

    The moment Donald Rumsfeld had been warning about—the worse-to-come moment—arrived last Wednesday (May 12), when new images of atrocities at Abu Ghraib prison were released. The Pentagon brought this closely guarded evidence to safe rooms in the Capitol for viewing by a very select audience: members of Congress. The legislators trooped out looking undertaker grim. […]

  • She Held the Leash

    For women in the military, Abu Ghraib is a very personal disaster—even if it shouldn’t be. In an era when a gender-integrated military is still a charged proposition, in a war that ostensibly seeks to bring the wonders of the West to a backward Middle East, the image of Private First Class Lynndie England restraining […]

  • Stuff Happens!

    There Donald Rumsfeld was, fielding unfriendly fire on Tuesday over the military’s torture of Iraqi prisoners. This time, his usual pose of barely concealed contempt seemed more like scarcely repressed rage. Every muscle in his body was tensed, and his shoulders looked like wire hangers were holding them up. It was Rummy’s Strangelove-ian attempt to […]