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  • A Magna Carta Sales Event!

    Sotheby’s to sell a raggedy-ass copy next month in New York City. Habeas corpus not included. With the Lieberman-Kyl Amendment’s momentous move toward a pre-emptive strike on Iran, now’s as good a time as any to sell off the Magna Carta. As everyone can see, George W. Bush has poked enough holes in it to […]

  • Dreadlock in Baghdad

      Here’s a question, raised in 1979 by the mellifluous Mighty Diamonds: Who’s gonna bodyguard ya, Mr. Bodyguard? I want to know who. Thirty years later, the answer’s clear: The Pentagon, that’s who. At best we’ll get the “rogue security contractor” excuse from the Bush regime for Sunday’s cacophonous killing of 11 Iraqis in Baghdad […]

  • Pentagon Acquits Itself Well on Abu Ghraib

    Lieutenant Colonel Steve Jordan‘s acquittal of charges in his court-martial over Abu Ghraib tortures should have been no surprise. Only a week ago, some of the most serious charges against Jordan — including that he lied — were dropped just before the court-martial began. It didn’t matter that the Abu Ghraib scandal — and its […]

  • Chains of Command

    To unravel the tortured excuses for Abu Ghraib abuses, go back to June 25, a day of brilliant journalism. Once so proud of plans for “War on Terror detainees” that they even showed off their special Gitmo chains and other jewelry, the Bush regime’s various soldiers are now crying, as the Nazis did, “We were […]

  • The Tillman Hearing: Rumsfeld the Fan

    Here is something to snack on while you watch the main course, Don Rumsfeld, get grilled at today’s Tillman hearing. Thanks to Henry Waxman, we have not only a copy of Rumsfeld’s statement today but also some letters that shed light on who knew what when where and how. Well, a little light anyway. Rumsfeld […]

  • The Tillman Hearing: Rumsfeld Under Fire

    We’re listening to Connecticut GOP congressman Chris Shays actually congratulate Don Rumsfeld for “calling the bluff” of “critics” by appearing at today’s hearing on the Pat Tillman coverup. Shays makes Rumsfeld’s behavior sound like a profile in courage. Tune it in yourself. Now Dennis Kucinich is grilling the hell out of Rumsfeld. Too bad he […]

  • Creep Show: Rumsfeld Enters House of Waxman

    Former SecDef goes to Capitol Hill to finally answer for Tillman coverup — or at least face some unfriendly fire. Watch it live. Three years after the Pentagon covered up the circumstances of soldier Pat Tillman‘s actual death by fratricide in Afghanistan so it could falsely portray it as a death by hostile fire, thus […]

  • Dead Man Talking

    “Please help us understand”: Gonzales being grilled July 24 by Schumer. On January 6, 2005, Texas senator John Cornyn kicked off the confirmation hearings for attorney general wannabe Alberto Gonzales by introducing him as “an inspiration to anyone.” Well, Gonzales certainly inspired Chuck Schumer yesterday. The New York senator brought out the perspiration in Gonzales. […]

  • ‘Incorporeity’: Increase Your Wartime Vocabulary

    This morning’s L.A. Times report that the U.S. and its allies are killing more Afghan civilians than the Taliban are could be just the tip of the coffin. In Iraq, documents that the ACLU pried from the War Department indicate that the U.S. often rejects claims — even defying judges’ rulings — that its troops […]

  • Celebrating a Cancer

      Blow up the candles. Blow them up all over the world. George W. Bush‘s 61st birthday is tomorrow, July 6. Things are so bad that even the Presidential Prayer Team, focusing on “Today’s Immediate Concerns,” is praying as we speak that our troops come home: Pray for President Bush today as he continues to […]