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  • Exit, Stage Lower East Side

    From the late 1980s though the late ’90s, New York’s Poor Theater had its own Poverty Row, a crossroads in the heart of the Lower East Side that had more in common with grunge than Grotowski. At its peak circa 1999, one could count close to a dozen Off-Off-Broadway venues in the area bounded by […]

  • Theater

    Dude, Where’s My Carr? Certain glossy magazines may enthusiastically announce a girl’s thirties to be her new twenties, but our heroine hasn’t been keeping up with her reading. The 30th-birthday girl in question, playwright Marina Carr’s eponymous Portia Coughlan (Show World), is approaching the anniversary unmerciful and strained. Her loveless marriage, meaningless affairs, and insufferable […]

  • Nada Gets the Boot

    On November 14, a city marshal shut down Nada. The Ludlow Street theater, no stranger to money woes, was unable to pay nearly $19,000 in back rent. The landlord, Ludlow Properties, now controls the space. Despite the closing, Nada artistic director Aaron Beall is hoping that a capital campaign to raise a year’s advance rent […]

  • ‘The Poseidon Adventure’—Coming to a Stage Near You!

    “Of course I want popularity,” Charles Ludlam wrote in The Scourge of Human Folly. “That’s what I’ve been working for.” Fifteen years after his untimely demise, Ludlam would be delighted to know that dozens of fledgling Downtown micro-theaters are following his pioneering example by producing bold, intelligent theater that also manages to entertain. This mix […]

  • To Hell With Maturity

    The writing of Witold Gombrowicz, like the work of many of the best Eastern European authors, is too little known in the States. Polish artists in particular have received short shrift—recall the head-scratching when the brilliant poet Wislawa Szymborska was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature a few years ago. In fact, it seems to […]

  • Pure Pop for Now People

    Playwright Marc Spitz is getting his ass kicked. Jonathan Lisecki— best friend and erstwhile roommate— slaps the flippers feverishly. The Cactus Canyon pinball machine has just awarded Lisecki a Gold Mine Multiball and he has Super Jackpots to collect. Spitz looks on coolly as Lisecki doubles, then triples, then quadruples Spitz’s score. Unfazed, Spitz pops […]

  • Stage Struck

    On those muggy, oppressive days that routinely assault New Yorkers in summertime, residents have few options. Those who can, flee. The rest crank the AC or sit in the cool dark of the neighborhood multiplex. Or so goes the conventional wisdom. Actually, tens of thousands of Gotham denizens head downtown to cramped, crowded, and airless […]