7-Eleven Predicts President Obama Will Defeat Mitt Romney

It may be utterly unscientific, but it hasn’t been wrong yet. 7-Eleven’s “7-Election Presidential Coffee Cup Poll” invites customers to vote by selecting specially marked coffee cups. Blue cups are for President Barack Obama and red ones are for former Governor Mitt Romney.

Obama is currently in the lead at 60% and Romney is trailing behind at 40%. You can even check out the results online by states and yes, as of now, Obama is winning by a huge margin in New York City. The convenience store is also offering regular “nonpartisan” for undecided customers.

Since the cup voting poll began in 2000, they’ve never been wrong. In fact, they’ve always been quite spot on:


7-Eleven’s Italian Sausage: It Couldn’t Be Any Good, Right?

A sign in the window flogs 7-Eleven’s Italian sausage, part of an aggressive fast-food campaign at area stores.

As I was walking past the 7-Eleven — one has just gone in across from the Voice offices just south of Cooper Square — the Italian sausage caught my eye and my hackles were raised. How dare they bomb into town, these reverse carpetbaggers, and try to sell us Italian sausages made somewhere else, when Italian sausages made here are the best in the world? Still, curious to try it, I swallowed my scruples and barged in the door.


The $1.99 sausage looks a bit pale in the greenish light of the convenience store.

Once inside, I observed several types of sausage being kept warm on one of those metal roller contraptions like they have in theaters, which seemed very retro on the chain’s part.

The Italian sausage itself was exceedingly pale and flecked with spices. The attendant donned disposable plastic gloves and, also using tongs, placed the sausage in a regular white-bread bun, making the process doubly hygienic. The link was about 1.5 times the diameter of a street frank, making it look quite large.

Instead of peppers and onions — the traditional toppings for Italian sausages served in buns — there was a free fixin’s bar, which offers a choice of ketchup, mustard, pickle chips, raw onions, canned jalapenos, and some very cold sauerkraut. I dressed the thing with mustard, like in the picture in the front window. Then I tasted the sausage. Very porky, salty, and slightly smoky, with a nice and authentic jolt of fennel, and enough chile flakes to slightly singe your mouth.

The thing is made by Oscar Mayer for 7-Eleven, and really, at $1.99 it was a good deal and quite tasty. I’d get it again, if I could put on the cloak of invisibility so as not to be observed going into the place.

An enthusiastic 7-Eleven Italian sausage eater.

Next: The other sausages rolling at 7-Eleven


Inevitably, I returned to try some of the other sausages available.

The Oscar Mayer recreation of the iconic New York dog was smokier, saltier, and an angry shade of red. It wasn’t a very good imitation, but tasted pretty good aside from the overwhelming saltiness. The worst part was the cold, bland micro-kraut that was available to put on it. Real sauerkraut, please!

The so-called Bahama Mama German sausage was neither German nor Bahamian, but it was spicy, greasy, and huge. Priced at $2.39, it will certainly fill you up.

The new Bowery 7-Eleven slings a selection of cheap and not-so-bad sausages.

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Free Slurpees and 7-Eleven’s New Low-Calorie Addition

Free Slurpee day is coming up next week. 7-Eleven will be giving away free slurpees Wednesday, May 23, between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. in its 7.11-ounce size only.

The deal comes in the wake of the convenience store’s new low-calorie Slurpee line, which is set to roll out later this week. Although it doesn’t have much nutritional value, it is sure to be a welcoming guilt-free addition as summer temperatures rise.

Fanta Sugar-Free Mango will be the first flavor available. The new drinks are made with Splenda and 8 ounces of the new mango drink will apparently contain only 20 calories.

Good thing for New Yorkers there are now plenty of 7-Elevens to go around. The chain store has recently started to aggressively expand all over the city with more than 100 new locations and with lower prices than local competitors, they have already been getting a bad rep from local bodegas.

It doesn’t help either that they have delicious hot dogs, the Big Gulp, and of now, the low-calorie slurpee.

Their new tagline for the product? “All flavor. No sugar.” It almost sounds too good to be true.


Time for a Sugar High: 7-Eleven Giving Out Free Slurpees Today, 7/11

Summer just isn’t summer unless you’re chugging on a big, frozen, sugary drink and staining your teeth electric red or blue. Fortunately, today is July 11, also known as 7-Eleven Day, the convenience retailer’s unofficial birthday. And to celebrate, participating stores throughout the city will be giving away free Slurpees!

In 1967, 7-Eleven licensed the product from the Icee Company and began selling it as the Slurpee. Since then, it’s been responsible for countless summer sugar highs, brain freezes, and a good deal of pop-culture awesomeness. Today, which marks the chain’s “84th birthday,” you can pick up a free 7.11-ounce (as if it could be in any other size) drink to celebrate. Drinking on the city sidewalk might not be quite the same as chugging one in the parking lot of your youth, but hey, a free Slurpee is a free Slurpee.