Tag: 1976

  • Felix Rohatyn Is Our New Robert Moses

    The Unaccountable Elitist Felix the Fixer has overreached, again. Last March Felix Rohatyn gave us the first hint that he really wanted to be Robert Moses or Nelson Rockefeller. It was then that he suggested poor neighborhoods be bulldozed and converted into industrial parks, with lower business taxes as an incentive. “Take a 30-block area,” […]

  • Truman Capote Sups on the Flesh of the Famous

    Has any writer since Boswell possessed a shrewder sense of careermanship than Truman Capote? Gore Vidal expertly packages his arch, marcelled aphor­isms for television consumption, Norman Mailer at his most com­bative has an Elizabethan bravado (though Mailer of late seems sul­lenly muted), but at fashioning a persona and hustling one’s work, Capote is peerless. For […]

  • Honoring Molly Haskell: A 1976 Review of “Gator” and Star Burt Reynolds

    This week, the New York Film Critics Circle gives a special award to Molly Haskell, one of America’s foremost film scholars and a pioneering feminist critic. Haskell, author of the essential study From Reverence to Rape: The Treatment of Women in the Movies and other books (including a recent one on Steven Spielberg), wrote for the Village […]