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  • Genet, Mailer, & the New Paternalism

    Thoughts on: Genet, Mailer, & the New Paternalism  It is easily imagined of Jean Genet that he is one those artists who so adore reality that they are obsessed with the ever-present possibility that it too will betray them. Sitting through the too long evening of “The Blacks” or wending a careful and respect­ful way through […]

  • Norman Mailer on Jean Genet’s “The Blacks”

    Theatre: “The Blacks” Part 1 May 11, 1961 No one who believes in the greatness of certain plays would go to any one of our houses to enjoy them. They exist as thundering productions in the mind only. We know they might be done (“King Lear,” for example, should be played by Ernest Hemingway), but one […]