Category: Technology

  • School Daze

    One might expect that a class of sixtysomethings, after a lifetime of appointments, would arrive on time. Not so. It’s past the 10 a.m. starting time for the Friday computer class at the New York Public Library’s East 58th Street branch, and senior citizens are still drifting in, looking unconcerned. Instructor Robert Himmel, 69, looks […]

  • Yellow Peril

    Don’t mess with Lo Wang, a/k/a Shadow Warrior. He digests fortune cookies for health, speaks with an accent that Jackie Chan would find hard to understand, and chases after “coolies,” bomb-crazy Japanese zombies whose “whole mission in life,” the Web site explains, “is to see you and make a screaming, yelling, kamikaze run toward you, […]

  • Ultimate Ultima

    Lord British, ruler of Britannia, sat quietly at his throne, wondering if he should go on another tour of his kingdom. The people certainly would want to see their Lord and, gee, wouldn’t he love to show off. The satin robe that had arrived last week was all shimmery and soft, and he had yet […]