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  • 21st-Century Sports: Inside East New York’s Competitive Gaming Scene

    It’s a balmy Saturday morning in mid-June, and at Spring Creek Education Campus in East New York a group of high schoolers are gathering for a first-of-its kind sporting match in the neighborhood. The home-team players, from the Academy for Young Writers High School, mill around and talk strategy, while their coach hovers nearby. The […]

  • Is New York City Home to a Technopolis? Or a Tech Bubble?

    For years, New York City has aspired to rival Silicon Valley. Starting in the mid 1990s, wannabes coined the term “Silicon Alley” for parts of Manhattan and Dumbo. This tech size-envy only got worse. In 2014, Alicia Glen, deputy mayor for housing and economic development, told Crain’s New York Business that “the term ‘Silicon Alley’ […]

  • Douglas Rushkoff Talks Tech, the Digital Economy, and the Growth Trap

    “[W]e have set in place an economic system whose growth works against our own prosperity,” writes Douglas Rushkoff in Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus: How Growth Became the Enemy of Prosperity. In the book, Rushkoff, whose previous works include Present Shock and Program or Be Programmed, maps out the failings of our digital economy. […]

  • Genius: The Annotation Will Not Be Televised

    The headquarters of Genius — the popular website and smartphone app that began as a way for users to annotate their favorite rap lyrics — are located in a renovated factory on a quiet residential stretch of 3rd Street in Brooklyn, just a few blocks west of the Gowanus Canal. Though over the years the […]

  • Order Take-Out to Help Fight Hunger in New York This Holiday Season

    If Ebenezer Scrooge taught us anything, it’s that the holidays are the season for second chances. Miserly Manhattanites, who were recently pilloried after being outed as the city’s worst tippers for food deliveries, can save themselves simply by ordering take out – but not through Seamless. Sharebite, a new food-ordering app dedicated to making a social […]

  • This Week in Food: Fake Wine Talk, French Mustard and Pastry Pop-Up, and a Filipino Feast

    Vermouth: The Spirit That Started It All book discussion, Park Avenue Methodist Church, 106 East 86th Street, Tuesday, 6:30 p.m. Vermouth is a popular spirit at most bars and restaurants these days, but that wasn’t always the case. Join author and spirit enthusiast Adam Ford as he dives into the history of the fortified wine […]

  • We Found the Most Fascinating (and Depressing) Site on the Internet

    If you’re not participating in the orgy of commercialism and — with any luck! — electronics-inspired brawling of this year’s Black Friday, perhaps you have some time on your hands. Maybe you just need a break from the soul-crushing joy of family togetherness. Well, then steal away to a quiet place with your laptop and […]

  • Meet RoundTable: The Anti-Yelp of Industry Tastemakers

    It’s no secret that those in the hospitality industry are not the biggest fan of Yelp. From Amanda Cohen of Dirt Candy declaring to an angry non-patron Yelper, “Trust me, I’m not out to get you,” to Food Network host Andrew Zimmern calling the site a “forum for uninformed idiots”, to the many countless chefs […]

  • Is Banksy Really Holding a Meet-and-Greet in New York City in January?

    Banksy, the internationally renowned graffiti artist, provocateur, and creator of Exit Through the Gift Shop whose true identity has never been revealed, will unmask himself in New York next year. At the Waldorf Astoria. And he’ll totally paint your face. That’s according to a Facebook event that has already amassed thousands of RSVPs. There’s only one […]

  • MOFAD Lab’s First Exhibit Explores the Science Behind the Flavor of Dark Roast Coffee

    It’s a bit surprising — before Wednesday’s launch of the Museum of Food and Drink (MOFAD) Lab (62 Bayard Street, Brooklyn), no such venue existed, in NYC or elsewhere. As culinary historian Jessica Harris noted at the museum’s ribbon-cutting ceremony, “every day, we’re increasingly bombarded with more information from the food world…there’s a growing movement in […]