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  • Columbia Grad Student Strike Could Hinge on Trump Ruling

    The scene that unfolded yesterday on the campus of Columbia University has become a familiar one across the country: teachers leaving their jobs to grab protest signs and join a picket line. The five-hour event — which turned into a rally, then a march, before forming back into a picket line that cut through the […]

  • NYU Students Say School Official Threatened Their Financial Aid Over Protests

    When a group of New York University students began occupying the staircase of a campus building last week, they initially planned to stay indefinitely, or at least until their demand for a meeting with the school’s board of trustees was granted. Instead, the students departed within forty hours, after the university phoned their parents, warning […]

  • March and Vigil Recalls Saheed Vassell as Caring Neighbor

    On Thursday evening, one day after NYPD officers shot and killed Saheed Vassell on a busy Crown Heights thoroughfare, hundreds of New Yorkers gathered to mourn the loss of a familiar neighborhood figure, and to protest what some said is a pattern of police violence carried out against the city’s most vulnerable residents. The demonstration […]

  • Meet the Straphanger Who Talked Back to Those Damn Fiverr Ads

    You have seen the ads — oh, God, have you seen them. Ever since the cheap-ass labor provision company Fiverr (“Freelance Services Marketplace for the Lean Entrepreneur”) started plastering New York City subway cars with its “In Doers We Trust” ad campaign early last year, straphangers have been complaining about their Tony Robbins-on-meth taglines: If […]

  • March for Our Lives Treads on Conservatives’ Toes

    Saturday was the March for Our Lives, a set of demonstrations against the NRA and in favor of gun control, spearheaded by survivors of the February 14 gun massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High in Parkland, Florida. The event was massive, drawing hundreds of thousands of supportive marchers across the country. The conservative reaction to […]

  • MTA Greeted Anti-Violence Marchers With Usual Weekend Awfulness

    The March for Our Lives protest saw nearly 200,000 people gather around Columbus Circle and Central Park West to call for stronger gun legislation, but one thing that didn’t gather in Midtown on Saturday were extra subway trains. “Not a single extra train was operated to help carry extra people,” a source with knowledge of […]

  • ‘The Adults Failed Us’

    “The adults failed us and now seventeen people are dead,” said Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School junior Meghan Bonner from a podium on Central Park West on Saturday morning. On February 14, Bonner had hidden in her classroom in Parkland, Florida, while shots rang out in the hallways outside. “Kids I saw every day from […]

  • Scenes From the Student Walkout

    On a crisp Wednesday morning, one month after the Parkland massacre, students across the country walked out of class to protest congressional inaction on gun reform. Clutching homemade signs and cellphones, they streamed out of their classrooms at 10 a.m., their young faces fixed with sober expressions as they filled the parking lots and football […]

  • The Student Anti-Gun Walkout Is Just the Beginning

    The kids are still angry, and now they’re getting organized. Across the country, thousands of students are preparing to walk out of their classrooms on Wednesday morning, exactly one month after the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High in Parkland, Florida, left seventeen people dead. Spearheaded by youth organizers of the Women’s March, the […]

  • John Reed and the Greenwich Village Revolutionaries

    To Russia With Love February 1982 1. High spirits — that is what stands out from the Greenwich Village renaissance. Reds captures some of this by showing bohemian leftists yapping energetically at the lunch table and dancing to victrolas in dingy apartments. These scenes get the idea across, but I wish Warren Beatty had also […]