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  • New York’s Finest: Busting Out All Over

    New York’s Finest: Busting Out All Over May 2, 1968 WASHINGTON SQUARE — While the good John Lindsay praised the peace parade in Central Park, the bad John Lindsay had the peace parade busted in Washington Square Park. While the good Sanford Garelik passed out flyers of “principles to guide police officers at demon­strations,” the […]

  • Chicago 1968: Moderates, Militants Walk a Bloody Route Together

    Moderates, Militants Walk a Bloody Route Together September 5, 1968 CHICAGO — Eighteenth Street and Michigan Avenue to the 15th floor of the Hilton Hotel — a lot of lives were changed along that bloody route on Thursday night. The National Guard’s tear gas and Mace, the cops’ nightsticks, brought at least 2,000 convention delegates […]

  • Chicago 1968: Blood, Sweat, & Tears

    A Visit to Chicago: Blood, Sweat, & Tears September 5, 1968 CHICAGO — At half past midnight last Tuesday, the occupants of Lincoln Park were stormed by the Chicago police. It was not the first day, nor was it to be the last, that the Old City­ — the Lincoln Park area — had come […]

  • Chicago 1968: Blood Outside the Arena

    Chicago in August: Prelims are Bloody CHICAGO — The lid blew off Monday night. In the Amphitheatre: Hubert Humphrey made his pact with the South and John Connally became his Strom Thurmond. Eugene McCarthy’s badly organized campaign continued to unravel. The boomlet for Teddy Kennedy turned out to be a fantasy of Bobby’s orphans. In […]

  • Chicago 1968: A Riot by the Cops

    The Streets of Daleyland CHICAGO — Pigs. Until Wednes­day night this was just a Move­ment nickname for the police. A satisfying exaggeration. An example of in-group argot. A verbal gesture of solidarity with the Black Panthers. But Wednesday night on the streets of Daleyland, pigs became a precise descrip­tion. The Chicago police, with their thick […]

  • Chicago 1968: Theatre of Fear

    Theatre of Fear: On on the Aisle September 5, 1968 CHICAGO — I brought the Fear out with me from New York, a white plastic helmet and a bottle of Vaseline. The same fear that built the fences, and erected the barricades, and brought all those soldiers in from Texas. Touch-fear: the kind that burns when […]

  • Bella Abzug and the Hard Hats

    Reason Had Nothing To Do With It The construction workers sat in front of the new building at 160 Water Street morosely regarding either the grayness of the day or of their souls. A hand-lettered mimeographed sheet pasted to a hoarding nearby read: “Construction Workers. The peace movement is not your enemy. The war is […]

  • Hard Hat Riot: Working Class on Wall Street

    Patriot party riot in downtown Manhattan 1970

    Requiem for the Payday Patriots It seems we have under-rated Richard Nixon. Not only does he play the dummy admirably, but in the last week, he has shown a flair for ventriloquism by finding a voice for his silent majority. But it’s a shame that it was the working men who were wooden-headed or hard-hatted […]

  • A Radical Departure: On Not Interviewing the Patriot Party

    On My Mind I left the whipped cream tortes and gemutlich music of the 86th Street burghers behind and moved through a tenement neighborhood of liquor stores and funeral parlors, Yorkville poverty’s only escape. My destination was the office of the Patriot Party. Not some group or strutting storm troopers, but white radicals out to […]

  • Merging of Messages, Proliferation of Protest

    Saturday in New York: Merging of Messages, Proliferation of Protest May 2, 1968 I remember a year ago, when the march began in the Sheep Meadow, and the people walked through the midtown streets until they came to the plaza of the United Nations to hear the man they now mourn repeat as a litany, […]