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  • Trump Court’s Ruling on Anti-Abortion Centers Could Be Start of Assault on “Roe v. Wade”

    Among a flurry of decisions on Tuesday, the Supreme Court overturned California’s law requiring so-called crisis pregnancy centers — outposts set up by anti-abortion groups to dissuade pregnant women from having the procedure — to inform women about what reproductive health services they can get elsewhere, on the grounds that it violates their First Amendment […]

  • Easing My Grief by Eating Like Anthony Bourdain

    Maybe it’s because I’m paranoid by nature; maybe it’s because, now, the news cycle is never not stomach-churning. But when I see a celebrity’s name unexpectedly trending on social media, my first reaction is often to worry that something terrible has happened to them. (My second, lately, is to wonder if they’ve been outed as […]

  • Black People, We Need to Talk About Mental Health

    Black people, if you’re reading this, we need to talk. We need to discuss something that often goes unmentioned in our community. Actually, there are two things we need to talk about: mental illness and suicide. I don’t know how, why, or when we began treating these two issues as taboo, verboten. But it has […]

  • Limned With Terror: One Life With Notes of Panic

    I had my first-ever panic attack late at night on a couch in Tatarstan. I had gone to Russia that summer of 2010, after my sophomore year of college, for a State Department Russian-language program in Kazan. My hosts were a young couple who appeared to hate their concrete-walled, un-air-conditioned apartment nearly as much as they […]

  • Too Sad to Move: On the Paralysis of Depression

    On my honeymoon we hiked a glacier at the border of Argentina and Chile, about as far south as you could go before hitting Antarctica. No organic life moved. Neon blue water faded to the shore into a milky hue due to particles of ice. The shore was rock, the redbrown of a lion. The glacier […]

  • Who Are We Telling Depressed People to ‘Reach Out’ to, Anyway?

    “Reach out,” they say. “Get help,” they say. “Go to therapy,” they say. They, of course, are seemingly every friend, celebrity, and politician offering well-meaning platitudes after the suicides of culinary force of nature Anthony Bourdain and iconic designer Kate Spade last week. It is comforting to believe that all that stands between a beloved […]

  • Fighting the Darkness That’s Always There

    Each depressive episode is a battle in a war that will never end. Sometimes, you can see the enemy coming, its march toward you set up in straight lines like a British military exercise, and you have time to fortify yourself, to build up your habits and your friends and your resources to protect you. […]