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Jason Kwan on How to Expand and Leverage Your Network

Regardless of the entry point, current stage, or future goals of one’s professional life, having a sizable professional network is more than just a boon. It’s a requirement. Professional networks play a role in recruitment, advancement, even in starting and expanding a business. In Jason Kwan’s business experience, professional networks played a crucial role when he was moving on from the world of digital marketing and into investment.

Jason had three pillars he used to start the Pearl West Group. His network was one of them. The other two were previous business experience and a willingness to devour every piece of business and merger and acquisition literature he could get his hands on. While it’s hard to say which is more important, Jason would be the first to admit how valuable having a professional network is and give some advice on how to expand and leverage it.

Understanding the Drivers Behind Network Expansion

There’s a misconception that networks are made to help us on our way up the ladder of success. While having ambitions and working to bring them to fruition isn’t inherently wrong, seeing people as little more than rungs of a ladder isn’t the best way to approach building networks. That kind of utilitarianism might stop working sooner than expected.

It’s a completely different approach to rely on other things that make people connect. A need to learn is one of them. So is the desire to be surrounded by people who share the same interests. An openness to hear other people’s opinions is there, too. Finally, it’s curiosity that’s the most potent driver behind the need to expand professional networks.

Expanding and Relying on a Network

After identifying one’s curiosity, the best way to let it drive the network-building would be to follow it. Jason’s curiosity always led him to seek out knowledge, either from books or from places of learning. He was doing it when he was starting his business, and his company is doing it today, too.

When he decided to give investing a shot and take a step back from marketing, Jason immediately saw that he had a huge gap in his knowledge that he needed to fill. He turned to books, of course, but he also started attending classes at the Harvard Business School. Those classes allowed him to network with the professors there.

Since launching PWG, Jason has continued using the same model to network; he let his curiosity and thirst for knowledge lead him to situations where he might expand his network. This time, however, he traded classes for business conferences.

When it comes to leveraging the network, Jason notably did it to reach Lawrence Cunningham, a financial expert who is friends with Warren Buffett. Cunningham is now the advisor for the company. Even before he was on board, however, Jason Kwan relied on his network to help him learn everything there is to learn about investing and acquisitions. He pretty much leveraged the network to feed his curiosity—the very thing that helped him build the network.

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Rom Raviv Is Changing the Industry with White Label Podcast Editing

White label companies sell products or services to other companies which resell them as their own. The white label business model is already used in many industries, but when it comes to podcast editing, Podblade is the first white label company to exist. Podblade was founded by Rom Raviv to aid other podcast editing companies in managing their clients.

Rom is a 20-year-old entrepreneur, writer, and podcast host from Long Island, New York. He started his own podcast, Spreading Success, when he was 18. Although it is now among the top 50 marketing shows on Apple Podcasts, Rom admits that he initially struggled to keep the podcast going, particularly when it came to the challenge of editing everything himself.

This gave him the idea to help other podcast hosts deal with this hassle, which would enable them to focus more on creating the actual content for their shows instead of stressing over the editing process. This, of course, is what led to the creation of Podblade. However, he soon realized that plenty of other similar companies already existed, and competition was fierce.

Rather than getting discouraged because his company wasn’t standing out as he’d hoped, he instead came up with a new business idea. He turned Podblade from a B2C (business to consumer) company to a B2B (business to business) company. This means that instead of offering services to podcasters themselves, the company instead offers its services to other podcast editing companies.

Podblade is the first white label podcast editing company, and currently the only one. As a white label company, Podblade works with other editing companies to perform the edits these companies want, while allowing them to claim full credit for the work accomplished. This can be extremely helpful for small editing companies that find themselves dealing with more work than they can reasonably handle.

Rom provides podcast editing companies a way to complete their projects without overworking their personnel. The editing companies still get to be in control of everything else, including their price rates, and Podblade won’t take any percentage of their sales.

Podblade acknowledges that the growth of a podcast editing company starts with quality output. This helps keep clients satisfied and loyal to the company. With a white label company like Podblade, other companies can have all that with fewer expenses, less effort, and less stress.

The team at Podblade has experience in more than 25 different podcast genres, and they have served more than 200 other companies, all of whom have reviewed Podblade positively. Podblade’s editors and podcast managers have been trained well in their roles and are regularly evaluated to make sure the quality of their output is always top-notch.

It can be said that Podblade offers services that no other companies in the podcast editing industry do. Podblade has helped its clients boost their brand visibility and grow their businesses with less effort. The one who led all this is Rom Raviv. If you’re interested in Rom and what he’s up to these days, you can follow him on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

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RawGear to Open a New Facility in Texas

RawGear is a fitness and athleisure brand that strives to bring great value to its customers. Founded by Bradley Martyn, the company seeks to be “the people’s brand” and is dedicated to making products that fit the latest trends and are of exceptional quality.

“We take pride in each and every product we make. From start to finish, each product is designed with our customers and incredible quality in mind. We take a much different approach to our products than others. Our goal is not to make products in large quantities, but rather make unique and special products that our customers can wear with pride,” Martyn says.

Young Company With Remarkable Growth

Founded in 2015, RawGear is a relatively young company maturing quickly through the experiences and lessons it has had to learn. RawGear started with one person in the beginning, but it is now an entity driven by many people striving for the same goal: to succeed. Due to the company’s customer-centric approach, RawGear grew from $300,000 to $1 million in about three months.

“We continue to push our clothing to be accessible to anyone regardless if you’re into fitness or not. We stay in constant communication between the designers, warehouse distribution, and sponsored athletes to ensure the customer has the best experience when purchasing and wearing our clothes. We will continue to pay attention to the smallest details as we grow into bigger endeavors to take RawGear to new heights,” Martyn says.

In addition to ensuring ultimate customer satisfaction, RawGear also emphasizes the importance of satisfied employees and pleasant partnerships with athletes and influencers.

“Here at RawGear, we keep pushing each other to get better every day. We constantly provide opportunities for RawGear athletes to grow. We want everyone involved to have constant success,” Martyn says.

RawGear’s Plans for the Future

Currently, RawGear sells all its products online and in Zoo Culture in Woodland Hills, California, where the company’s headquarters are. Martyn and his team plan to move the existing Zoo Culture unit to a much bigger facility also located in the Woodland Hills area.

A plan to open a Zoo Culture in Texas is also in the works. This additional store will allow the company to sell its products in two of the most populated states. In addition, RawGear intends to have pop-up shops inside malls and shopping strips in the days to come, hoping this will allow the company to reach even more people.

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Be Objective! Don’t Let Emotions Decide for You – Manuel Sanchez

Making an important business decision is inherently complex, even for seasoned managers and expert entrepreneurs. Having an emotional reaction when making a choice is normal, and sometimes it can be helpful to direct one’s focus and energy toward what feels to be the most important aspect of the decision. However, intense emotions can lead a person to misguided decisions or outright disastrous ones.

Manuel Sanchez, a professional trader and expert in price action strategies, has learned a bitter-sweet lesson about emotions in the workplace. Sanchez has been playing the trading game since 2012, and by now, his experience has taught him that a strong mindset is fundamental, especially in the trading industry.

Prior to founding Kobra Team, a group of trading experts dedicated to teaching others the ins and outs of trading, Sanchez started a company with his father. Initially, the company was very successful, but it failed later due to bad decision-making that was affected by intense emotions.

“After my company failed, I was incredibly disappointed and discouraged. But then, I realized my failure should not be treated as a failure but a lesson, and I decided to apply this lesson to my new business. You have to be objective and don’t let emotions decide for you. If you start a business, you have to set goals and work to reach them. You have to be focused and don’t let others get in the way,” Sanchez says.

Making sound decisions is a skill that has to be acquired and developed. Sanchez shares a few strategies that help him prevent emotions from interfering with his decision-making process.

Record the Pros and Cons

Writing ideas down on paper is always a better option than trying to make sense of them in one’s head. Managers and entrepreneurs have to process a large amount of information on a daily basis. Sanchez recommends taking the time to jot down any thoughts and sort through the details before doing something rash.

“I love making a pros and cons list. Doing so will provide you with enough time for the emotions to recede and, at the very best, give you a very logical overview of the options you have,” Sanchez says.

Involve Others

Highly emotional situations are a part of every business. It’s only natural that entrepreneurs always want the best for their company and workers. However, sometimes it can be very difficult to stay objective about certain issues or concerns. Sanchez suggests that the best course of action is to seek a second opinion from others, including employees and managers.

As Sanchez says, “It is important in highly emotional situations to rely on outside perspectives. In other words, include people who are not caught up in the emotions of the decision-making, as they can provide fresh insights and ideas.”

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Why Plain Jane Is a Rarity

Hemp products are slowly becoming widely accepted in America as more and more states are legalizing their recreational use. Despite this, cannabis products, specifically hemp flowers, don’t come cheap. For this reason, Oregon-based CBD hemp flower company Plain Jane, which chooses to sell their high-quality products at a low cost, remains a rarity in the industry.

Plain Jane Starting Out

Evan Marshall and Lindsey Holthaus started Plain Jane in 2018, just after the legalization of the CBD industry. Back then, there weren’t many options for affordable CBD products, so they decided to open a shop to cater to the growing demand for the product without being cost-prohibitive.

Two years later, Marshall and Holthaus sold the Plain Jane brand to Joe Pham and Gus Hanger. By then, both Pham and Hanger were already making waves in the cannabis industry as the founders of Industrial Hemp Farms, a Denver-based cannabis distributor. Pham built their empire after bringing together industry leaders such as farmers, lab extractors, and manufacturers to start his company in Colorado.

With their connections, it was easy to tap into the local market, which allowed Plain Jane to offer low-cost prices while guaranteeing quality products. Pham and Hanger saw that the Plain Jane brand worked well with their current operations and saw that it was a good opportunity to use their buying power to offer the high-quality hemp products at a lower cost.

Plain Jane now leads a network of small American family farms to produce most of their products near Southern Oregon. The company also owns a specialty farm that produces high-quality hemp flowers with unique genetics.

However, the co-founders readily admit that starting a CBD product line through Plain Jane wasn’t that easy. Hemp remains highly-regulated, so the company cannot turn to traditional advertising to keep sales up. To stay competitive, they had to think of creative ways to reach their prospective customers. They started by giving out complimentary products until they started to sell organically.

Making Plain Jane Standout

When choosing a hemp flower, of course, the main consideration is still the quality of the product and not just its price. What initially set Plain Jane apart from its competitors was a unique low-odor hemp cigarette. While they do offer regular flowers, their original low-odor hemp cigarette is a crowd favorite that offers a different kind of experience to their users. Plain Jane makes these special cigarettes through a water curing process that removes the hemp terpenes from each harvest to create a nearly odorless substance. This specific product is the first low-smell CBD cigarette that provides the same experience without any tobacco or nicotine.

Aside from this, Plain Jane also offers various CBD and CBG products like kief, buds, joints, oils, and even gummies. The company’s goal is to ultimately provide a hemp product for every person, attuned to their preferences, personalities, and needs.

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Craig Siegel Reveals What It Takes To Be A Mindset Coach

Being a transformative coach is a big responsibility to shoulder as it affects people’s futures. It’s not an endeavor that anyone can simply take on and be effective. That’s why talents like Craig Siegel are admired by many. He possesses qualities that make him a compelling keynote speaker, mindset coach, and breakthrough manufacturer.

Craig began building his skill set through his entrepreneurial career on Wall Street. Although he later decided to leave his stable job for Cultivate Lasting Symphony (CLS), it wasn’t because of the rewards. In fact, the entrepreneur has built numerous businesses from scratch and led them to success. He chose to become a mindset coach because he feels that this was his purpose in life.

Many already know Craig for his exceptional communication skills and entertaining personality. People were attracted to listening and believing in what he shares. He has also inspired countless members of his audience on his YouTube videos, including his other social profiles, such as Facebook and Instagram.

Upon realizing that his purpose in life is to usher others to success, he didn’t hesitate to start CLS. He uses it to inspire people to make them want to reach their full potential. Through his skills, he turned CLS into a beacon of hope for people looking to achieve greatness through their ambitions.

One of the qualities that enabled Craig to be an effective mindset coach is the knowledge and experience that he has amassed through his years of experience. He calls it “sharpening the axe”, and he did it by learning. Whether it be books, podcasts, or movies, it didn’t matter to him as long as there was a valuable lesson that he could absorb.

Although being knowledgeable is an essential quality for a transformative coach, that’s not all there is to it. What sets Craig above is his ability to inspire people to further develop their desire to improve their standing in life. He knows how to convey his knowledge effectively and use it to fulfill CLS’s purpose.

He has a positive energy that rubs off on others and the charisma that draws the audiences’ attention to him. Although it all comes down to the clients at the end of the day, it is because Craig is relatable that he’s able to make positive changes in others. That’s why such skills, if not present, render a mindset coach’s effectiveness futile.

Above all, Craig emphasizes the importance of passion. He became an effective  transformative coach because helping people manufacture breakthroughs makes him happy. He’s confident that it’s his purpose, so he’s always motivated to be as effective as he can while on the job.

Craig aims to spread his influence to more people. In fact, CLS is now only putting the final touches on its upcoming charity. It’s called Special People Rise, and its mission is to mentor underprivileged children so they have something to look forward to in the future.

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Hermes Mansour Shares 5 Critical Life Lessons From His Own Success Journey

Actor and entrepreneur Hermes Mansour has already seen a lot of success in his life. As he continues to build both his acting and entrepreneurial careers, he shares the most important life lessons from his success so far.

Find Stepping Stones When Necessary. Hermes believes that not every single move you make needs an obvious connection to your goals. For example, his early career was in demolition. This was not a passion of his, but it was a means to gain the funds to pursue his passions. As he explains, “It [demolition] was an area where I could see great potential to start my career, but ultimately was a means to an end, a leg up to pursue my true passions.”

You Don’t Always Recognize Success. Most aspiring entrepreneurs expect to have an epiphany or a moment where they realize they have the right idea. Hermes learned that this is not the case. He says, “Ultimately, no one ever really knows ’til you find success. Even then, you can still have your doubts.”

Learning From Losses. Most successful people are of the opinion that failures are learning experiences. This is true for Hermes, who says, “I’ve certainly had losses.” However, he clarifies that “A loss is only a failure if you were unable to learn from it.”

Believe in Yourself. Hermes has also learned the importance of believing in yourself and your ability to achieve your goals. When asked about advice he would give to someone starting out, he says the following: “Most importantly, back yourself, because no one else will.”

Your Efforts Continue After Success. Hermes debunks the idea that once you achieve success, your work is done. He says, “Success is perpetual. If I am breathing, I am striving….In my mind, the work is never done, and success is a daily practice in pursuit of itself.”

Hermes Mansour has always wanted to be an actor and has successfully made strides in that area by appearing in various roles, including several on Channel Nine. He has launched a supercar rental fleet in Dubai with his brother in 2018. This fleet has already been successful enough that they have plans to expand into super-yachts, super-skis, and other experiences.

Hermes Mansour has already achieved enough success to learn valuable lessons along the way. He plans to keep those lessons in mind as he continues expanding his career and achieving his goals.

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How Dr. Catherine Chang Helps People Regain Confidence and Restore Normalcy to Their Lives

Plastic surgery is more than what we see on the surface. Whether elective, necessary, reconstruction, or transformative plastic surgery aids people in their journey towards living life as their best selves. A decision not taken lightly; plastic surgery is a choice for many patients looking to feel more comfortable in their own skin. Dr. Catherine Chang helps people regain confidence and restore normalcy to their lives through her practice in Beverly Hills, CA.

D​r. Catherine Chang is known worldwide for her trademarked approach NakedBeauty MD™. Her method is centered around work that is invisible yet transformative. “A good plastic surgeon understands you want noticeable results, but they will do it in a way that looks natural,” states Dr. Chang. “While your results should be noticeable, the work shouldn’t be.” Blending the surgical work to a patient’s outward appearance makes Dr. Chang’s work seem invisible.

This is what helps people regain that confidence. “People come to plastic surgeons for many personal reasons, sometimes traumatic, and it’s crucial to restore feelings of empowerment for the patient,” explains Dr. Chang. “When a patient leaves our office feeling stronger than when they walked in, they have the tools to bring normalcy back into their lives.”

D​r. Catherine Chang isn’t afraid to approach plastic surgery in an empathetic and practical way. “The last thing I want my patients to hear is people exclaiming they had plastic surgery,” says Dr. Chang. “I want people to notice not only how great they look but how they feel.” Taking her patients’ requests to heart, Dr. Chang focuses on results that enhance their natural beauty.

A​n expert in working with cancer patients and trauma victims, Dr. Chang combines her passion with her analytical skills to increase the quality of life for people who deserve it the most. “Many of my patients have been through so much and come out of it stronger,” says Dr. Chang. “They deserve a surgeon who promotes their strengths and delivers excellent work.” Proud of her patients and focused on her work Dr. Catherine Chang changes people’s lives inside and outside her office.

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D-Bal Max Review & Results: I Tried It For 30 Days & Here’s What Happened

Building muscle takes hard work and dedication.

But even if you lift heavy, eat enough protein, and get plenty of rest there’s still no guarantee you’ll make any gains.

Which is why some guys are turning to a new class of supplements called “legal steroids” which are supposed to offer steroid-like results without any of the nasty side effects.

One product I kept seeing on peoples list of best legal steroids is called D-Bal Max.

So, I decided to give it a try and see if it could help me gain some muscle.

Does it really work?

Carry on reading to find out!

What Is D-Bal Max?

D-Bal Max is a legal steroid, and the packaging is shaped like a stick of dynamite!

It is designed to help you make rapid gains in muscle and strength by boosting protein synthesis, increasing testosterone, and raising levels of IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor).

When combined with a proper diet and workout plan, D-Bal MAX is supposed to help you blast through plateaus, lift heavier and gain muscle faster than you ever thought possible.

D-Bal MAX was developed to give you steroid like benefits without producing any of the common side effects that usually come with them.

How does D-Bal MAX accomplish all this?

Let’s find out by taking a look at the ingredients.

D-Bal Max Ingredients – How Does It Work?

D-Bal Max contains a unique formula, research-backed ingredients that help to make your body more anabolic so you can make massive gains in strength, power, and muscle mass.

It works in three main ways:

  1. Increases protein synthesis: This leads to rapid muscle growth.
  2. Reduces serotonin levels: This reduces damage and fatigue, helping you work out longer and harder.
  3. Boost testosterone and IGF-1 levels: This has a positive effect on energy, strength, sleep, and muscle growth.

Unlike some other supplement brands that hide their ingredients behind vague terms like “proprietary blends” every ingredient in D-Bal MAX is listed on the label for full transparency:

Here’s a closer look at the ingredients and an explanation of what they do:

  • 20-Hydroxyecdysterone (20-HE): This naturally occurring plant extract contains something called Ecdysteroids or ‘Natures Anabolic Steroids’. It has been shown to increase muscle protein synthesis so significantly that it’s often referred to as a “plant steroid”. This study found that 20-HE has a stronger anabolic effect on contractile proteins (the force generators of muscle contraction) than anabolic steroids, enabling increased muscle mass and strength.
  • Pro BCAA Complex: Numerous scientific studies have shown that Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) can help boost strength and muscle size by increasing the rate of muscle protein synthesis. This study found that BCAAs can help maintain muscle mass while following a calorie-controlled diet, while separate researchconcluded that BCAA supplementation “increased the rate of recovery in isometric strength and perceived muscle soreness” in resistance-trained athletes.
  • Whey Protein Complex: Decades’ worth of research into whey protein complex has found that it can help fuel muscle gains and sustain muscle growth. This study found that just one whey protein drink at breakfast is enough to “significantly enhance muscle protein synthesis and muscle mass” in healthy men.

After looking into the main ingredients, I was surprised to see there really is evidence to show that D-Bal Max has the potential to mimic the effects of real anabolic steroids.

And best of all, it’s safe, legal, and has no negative side effects.

So, I decided to give it a try myself!

My D-Bal Max Results

The makers of D-Bal Max make some big claims about their product so I wanted to see firsthand what it could really do.

So, I ordered a tube and here’s what happened:

  • Day 1: To be honest I didn’t really notice much on the first day although I did feel more focused during my workout, and I did feel like I got a better pump and the next day, I felt fully recovered.
  • Week 1: By the end of the first week, I could really feel it working, especially during my work outs. I was pumping out more reps with heavier weights and felt incredible. Weights that usually gave me trouble began to feel light.
  • Week 2: By the end of week 2 I started to notice some serious strength gains and it really felt like I was on something.
  • Week 4: By the end of the first tube, I was shocked at how fast I was gaining muscle. It felt like I was getting bigger and more ripped after every single workout I did. By the end of my first month, I had gained more than 10lbs of muscle.

Overall, my 30-day experiment with D-Bal Max was very eye-opening and I was super impressed.

I never would have thought a natural supplement could help me pack on muscle so fast and make me that good.

I felt energized, I was lifting heavier, I was getting amazing pumps and I felt amazing, and I’ve been getting some great compliments on how big my arms are looking.

Best of all, it did not cause any side effects or issues with my health.

In fact, it helped me recover faster and reduced muscle soreness and fatigue.

I plan to continue taking it and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a safe, reliable alternative to Dianabol or any other anabolic steroids.

D-Bal MAX comes with a 60-day no-fuss guarantee, so if you try it and are not completely satisfied with your results then just ask for your money back!

You can read more D-Bal Max reviews by real customers here or click the image below to go straight to the official website and see what it can do for you.

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Five Things You Must Know About Instagram Star Katie Williams

Instagram star Katie Williams is taking the internet (and the world) by storm with posts that capture her charm, beautiful physique, and daily life. Because she’s such an open book on her social media, one might think they know everything about the American beauty, but there’s a lot more to this Instagram influencer than meets the eye.

  1. Katie Williams started her adventure at the age of 23.

Katie admits that her influencer journey started when she was only in high school. Back then, she was just a normal girl with big dreams. She tried going to college, but said that it simply wasn’t for her. When she decided to quit school and start working, however, her adventurous spirit felt trapped. She felt most alive when she would travel with her family and friends each summer or winter.

At the age of 23, Katie finally decided to stop living someone else’s life. So, she packed her bags and moved to San Diego, California, all by herself. That’s when her spontaneous life began.

  1. Katie Williams creates organic content every single day.

With an almost-perfect looking life, one might think that Katie stages her posts and plans her everyday routine around a made-up life, but that is simply not true. Although she’s admitted to having a team that helps create her marketing plan and generate traffic to her social media account, the content of the account is all her. In other words, the team deals with the business side of things, so that she can just be herself.

“Everything I do on my end is organic and legitimate,” says Katie. “So it doesn’t feel like work at all to me.”

  1. Katie Williams spends her free time working out.

Have you ever wondered how Katie got her jaw-dropping physique? The Instagram model shares that she works out even during her time off. Katie says that for her, working out means going to the gym everyday, on top of taking her two dogs to the beach for daily walks. These activities keep her in tip-top shape for both work and play.

  1. Katie Williams makes it a point to motivate herself.

Katie shares that despite her very public life as an Instagram celebrity, it is hard for her to open up to other people. She has also admitted to feeling inadequate and hopeless in the past, but things changed when she decided to stop feeling that way and create a life she’s always dreamed of.

“I am motivated by making sure I never go back to that mental space again,” Katie says. “[I’m] promising myself that I won’t allow it to get to that point again and doing what’s necessary to keep my head above water.”

  1. Katie Williams puts her faith in the universe.

Katie’s fast-paced influencer lifestyle means that the only permanent thing in her life is change. Instead of worrying about what her future holds, she puts her faith in herself, and the universe, to make appropriate decisions whenever necessary.

“I honor and trust the universe to get me to exactly where I need to be,” says Katie. “I trust that I will be financially stable [and] surrounded by people who love me; the other details always work themself out.”

Living such a spontaneous life has worked out for Katie, but that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone, as an unconventional lifestyle is not without its own challenges. Katie’s life is an example of how one can live happily, as long as they are ready to face any challenge and accept and work on their flaws.