• Armies of the Right

    Tim McVeigh’s revolutionary Footsteps Moments after the cop ordered the Chevrolet Suburban to the side of the road that Saturday afternoon in Wilmington, Ohio, the man in the passenger seat jumped out, pulled a pistol, and opened fire on the officer. Staggering backward, the cop fumbled for his own gun and managed to get off […]

  • Sanctifying the Evangelical Vote

    1986 Village Voice article by James Ridgeway on evangelical Christians and the Republican party

    Pulpit Politics The major political event of 1986 has been the emergence of the Christian right as a disciplined voting bloc within the Republican party. While television evangelist Pat Robertson may be its initial beneficiary, the ride of these white fundamentalist Christians could help push the Republicans further along the road towards majority party status. […]

  • Report From Prague: Viewing a Disaster

    What follows is a simple eye­witness account of two days in Prague under Soviet occupation. This is a report, not an analysis or a commentary. It is because I know that every “Cold War­rior” welcomes the events in Prague that I must note simply that bad as the invasion was it does not compare to […]

  • In Search of Bohemia

    A worn gray tepee sits at the edge of the city’s oldest shantytown, just yards from where Manhattan Bridge traffic hits Canal Street. But it also sits in terra incognita. The two artists who’ve lived in the tepee since Thanksgiving 1990 admit to feeling “muddled” at times about what they’re even doing there. Seated in […]

  • The Threshold and the Jolt of Pain

    1968 personal memoir in the Village Voice about stuttering

    Personal Testament Like most boys in their teens, I wondered once in a while how I would take torture. Badly, I thought. Later I thought not so badly, as I saw myself under the pressures of danger or emergency, once when a lion cub grabbed my hand in its mouth and I wrestled its lips […]

  • Michael Douglas: Victim Victorious

    1995 Village Voice article by J Hoberman about resentful white men portrayed in Hollywood movies

    Well-Fed Yuppie Michael Douglas Lead Charge for Resentful White Men “Why don’t I just be that guy, that evil white guy you’re always complaining about?” — Michael Douglas, Disclosure Was that a threat or a bleat? Or was it only the satisfied acknowl­edgment of a smart career move? Improbable as it may seem, Michael Douglas […]

  • The Trial of the Chicago 7: The Expectation of Rising Revolutions

    1969 Village Voice article about Chicago 7 trial

    Report From Chicago CHICAGO — In the gym of a seminary on the North Side, an ex-marine is showing a Baltimore Weatherman how to ram a heavy pole into a cop’s gut. There’s a Vietcong flag on the pole. The floor is littered with helmets, fatigue jackets, gas masks, goggles, canteens, gauze, and gloves. Most […]

  • Cocaine Republic

    The bi-prop to Tocache slipped in and out of clouds, above the dark green of the jungle, and since I had a fever the colors were even more intense than usual. Clouds flowed down steep green moun­tains into the deeper green of the Huallaga River valley. The valley floor is broken up by the winding […]

  • Whiny White Guys

    1995 Village Voice article about angry White guys by Richard Goldstein

    Save the Males: The Making of the Butch Backlash All this whinin’ and cryin’ and pitchin’ a fit Get over it. — The Eagles Only in America are there holidays to compensate for what has been lost. Martin Luther King Day signifies the humanist dream deferred. Halloween is an urban celebration of fantasies that cannot […]

  • Mississippi: A March Resurrects a Movement

    JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI — Overcoming disunity, out-of-fashionableness, poverty, and aching feet, the civil rights movement was reborn Sunday on the grounds of the Mississippi state capitol, before the executioners’ eyes of 700 Mississippi troopers and police, armed with M-1s, live ammunition, and tear gas. The ragged band that had begun as one mystical prophet in Memphis, […]