Author: Zoë Beery

  • How the New, Weird Suburbs Inspired EMA’s Noise Folk

    Noise-folk artist EMA’s new record, Exile in the Outer Ring, began life in 2015 in a white dome in MoMA P.S.1’s snow-covered courtyard. For four hours on a Sunday in February, she sculpted soundscapes from atop a platform set up like the blandest of living rooms: TV, palm plant, messy coffee table, Ikea lamp. She […]

  • The Best NYC Shows This Week: Laurel Halo, Kendrick Lamar, Burger Records

    It was harder than usual to pick the best shows happening today through Sunday, but nevertheless, the Voice persisted. This week is an eclectic one, ranging from rap to noise to rock to experimental Americana, and an international one, too, with artists from Bangladesh, Japan, England, Germany, and Poland all represented. A few include some […]

  • “Seeing You” Remixes World War II for the Immersive-Theater Set

    Immersive theater shows are metastasizing nationwide, and World War II has been American media’s favorite subject to revisit from May of 1945 through this summer’s Dunkirk. The Mad Lib of “immersive theater show about WWII” was inevitable. And it’s finally arrived, under the High Line. Seeing You comes to us courtesy of Randy Weiner, who […]

  • The Best NYC Shows This Week: Tank and the Bangas, Beth Ditto, Sleep

    Summer is in full swing, with multiple outdoor shows happening every week and festivals popping up like street-side ice cream carts. That means lots of free shows and shows whose bang-for-buck ratio is so high they might as well be, and this week has plenty of those offerings on deck. It’s supposed to rain during […]

  • Behold the Art Deco Artifacts of the Jazz Age at Cooper Hewitt

    It’s been nearly five years since the blinding Fitzgeraldian spectacle of Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby reignited a popular obsession with the 1920s, and if metastasizing Gatsby-themed parties and Zelda-inspired TV series are any indication, Americans remain hooked. “The Jazz Age: American Style in the 1920s,” now at Cooper Hewitt, makes a strong case for why the […]

  • NYPD Says Woman’s “Inconsistencies” Prevent Them From Making Arrests In Greenpoint Rape Case

    Police have declined to charge two men accused of raping a woman in a portable toilet in Greenpoint, citing “too many inconsistencies” in the victim’s statements. The alleged attack occurred on Monday at 6 p.m., three blocks away from the NYPD’s 94th Precinct station. Witnesses to the aftermath of the assault told police they found the […]

  • Megan Mullally and Stephanie Hunt Make Sweet Music Together

    The folk duo Nancy And Beth was born in the a/c-chilled comfort of a pickup truck’s cab on an unbearably hot afternoon in Austin, Texas. Stephanie Hunt slid into the passenger seat next to Megan Mullally, like her a musician-turned-actor presently seeking to escape a sun-soaked indie film set. Hunt had in hand the ukulele […]

  • Hannibal Buress: Your Neighborhood Ambassador to Williamsburg

    (As told to Zoë Beery) Hannibal Buress, Eric André Show co-star Commodore (366 Metropolitan Avenue) is a good start, because I go there after Knitting Factory shows. Their chicken sandwich is good. They have some good DJs sometimes. Bartenders are cool. It’s a good spot. I like playing drunk Skee-Ball at the Skee-Ball bar, Full […]

  • In Search of Lost Fashion: A Dispatch from Antiquarian Book Fair

    Considering it’s lousy with near-priceless first editions and ancient tomes, the Antiquarian Book Fair is hardly the typical destination for a fashion enthusiast. Pickings on this front were slim, but hardly worthless, and the best place to be was booth E21, belonging to New York collector David Bergman. On his front table, gorgeous illustrations danced […]

  • In John Darnielle’s ‘Universal Harvester,’ a Heartbreaking Mystery Unfolds in Nineties Iowa

    John Darnielle’s second novel, Universal Harvester, is a study of different kinds of limbo. There’s the temporal limbo of its setting: the late-1990s transitional period between pre- and post-internet life. Then there are its people, living amongst empty cornfields and endless, flat highways. They’re people in the process of making decisions, or avoiding having to […]

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