Author: Vincent Velotta

  • Missing Person Report: Have You Seen Hal Steinbrenner?

    For the first time in a long while, the New York Yankees are the least exciting team in the entire city.  Just across town, the Mets sit at the top of the National League East division and feature the most dominant pitcher in the sport of baseball. On the gridiron, Jets fans (foolishly) await the […]

  • Bettman to Rangers: Drop Dead

    On May 4th of 2021, the National Hockey League let it be known for all to see that the health of their players is worth pocket change.  The night before, Washington Capitals forward Tom Wilson whipped out his best Randy Orton impression against the New York Rangers. A stoppage in play after a scrum in […]

  • Hello? It’s the Future Calling. Yeah, the Jets Still Suck at Drafting.

    2021 Village Voice jockbeat article about how poorly the Jets do at drafting

    The New York Jets are just weeks away from an April 29th NFL draft that will surely alter the course of the franchise’s history for years to come. They’re going to get it wrong. Trust me, I’ve already seen the draft and the ensuing season. But I came back to 2021 in order to drop […]