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  • With Anne Beatts, The Joke Was Always on President Ford

    [UPDATE, April 22, 2021: Back in 2019, when Donald Trump was still president, we resurfaced this 1974 page, written by Anne Beatts, from our archives. Beatts blazed a path through the boys’ club of comedy writing in the 1970s, most notoriously as the brains behind the 1973 fake Volkswagen Bug ad that ran in National […]

  • A Review and a Poem: Remembering Lawrence Ferlinghetti

    Lawrence Ferlinghetti, who died on February 22, outlived the century he helped define. In 1955, he began publishing the Pocket Poets Series of books, out of the City Lights bookstore, in San Francisco. His own verse appeared in Number One, titled Pictures of the Gone World, but it was Beat poet Allen Ginsberg’s Howl and […]

  • John F. Kennedy at NYU

    ‘Make It Shine, Make It Move Forward,’ Jack Tells Students An estimated crowd of 3500, held in check by a small army of police, gathered in front of NYU’s Loeb Student Center on Washington Square South last Thursday to hear a fast, hard-hitting attack on the Republican administration by Senator John Kennedy. The highly-vocal crowd […]

  • Seven Ways of Looking at Bob Dylan’s ‘Renaldo & Clara’

    He Speaks Good English and He Invites You Up into His Room Gone with the Idiot Wind By Karen Durbin A few years ago, a friend of mine found himself, to his shy delight, having a drink with Bob Dylan. Dylan allowed as how he’d like to get around more but felt hampered by his […]

  • Ward Harkavy, 1947–2020

    obituary for Ward Harkavy

    Ward Harkavy, a Voice stalwart who left the paper before he had the opportunity to aim his editorial scalpel at the Trump regime, died from Covid-19 this morning, at age 72. Below, we resurrect a classic Harkavy essay, surveying the departing George W. Bush administration — a hit parade of an inept commander-in-chief’s aggressive, unilateral […]

  • Michael Sorkin, 1948–2020

    Architect, urban planner, and author Michael Sorkin, passed away in New York City on March 26, from complications related to COVID-19. Village Voice readers from the 80s will remember Sorkin as a progressive and imaginative architecture critic who always kept sight of the human element amid the stone, steel, and glass of civilization. In one […]

  • William S. Burroughs Talks With Tennessee Williams

    Orpheus Holds His Own: William Burroughs Talks with Tennessee Williams May 16, 1977 Although they were both born in St. Louis within three years of each other, William Burroughs did not meet Tennessee Williams until 1960, when they were briefly introduced at a table in the Cafe de Paris in Tangiers, by Paul and Jane […]

  • 1980-1989: The ’80s R.I.P.

    The Wannabe Decade Ah, yes, we remember it all too well: the age of laughing and singing in the acid rain, of buying CDs in a biode­gradable economy (Just Say Dough!), of junkies and junk bonds, complicity and complacency, the longing to be naive again, like a virgin. Famous couples included: Joel and Hedda, Robert […]

  • Chinatown ’89: CHINATROPOLIS

    Hong Kong Exodus Hits New York THE SHOTS FIRED BY CHINESE SOLDIERS IN Tiananmen Square last June are still being heard in New York’s Chinatown. Isolated for decades by immigration laws, language, and its dense pattern of poverty, Chinatown is changing rapidly with the influx of new money and new immigrants — both pouring in […]

  • Martin Luther King on Anti-Semitism

    Martin Luther King on Anti-Semitism September 28, 1967 Mr. Morris B. Abram, President American Jewish Committee 165 East 56th Street New York, New York Dear Mr. Abram: I am in receipt of your letter making inquiry of SCLC’s position on anti-Semitism. First, let me apologize for being rather tardy in my reply. Absence from the […]