Author: Tom Breihan

  • The Voice Trots Out The Biggish Names, Crowns Its First Champ

    Here we are, at the end of The Voice‘s almost shockingly successful debut season, one that may have actually turned around NBC’s abysmal fortunes. There’s not a ton of internal drama in The Voice‘s reality, and I can’t say I cared too terribly much which of the four finalists would win. But the journey has […]

  • The Voice Feels The Pressure Before Its Big Finish

    Already, The Voice is just about over. Tomorrow, the field of four contestants gets wiped away and we get a winner. This show could’ve kept going for another three months or so if it followed a less fucked-up elimination schedule, but maybe NBC didn’t realize they had an actual hit on their hands. This two-hour […]

  • The Voice: All Of A Sudden, There Are Only Four Contestants Left

    One thing about The Voice that bugs me: Way too many people getting sent home way too quickly. It’s hard to develop that much of a connection to the contestants when half of them get axed once a week. So on this results show, people were, once again, just dropping like flies. Would it kill […]

  • The Voice: The Dominance Of Javier, The Rise Of Vicci

    I wish Game of Thrones was still on. It isn’t. But hey, The Voice is still on! On last week’s show, it seemed pretty obvious which four singers would make it through and which ones wouldn’t. On Team Cee Lo, for instance, it was absolutely not a surprise that Vicci Martinez would be the one […]

  • The Voice: Cee Lo Wigs Out, Adam Levine Gets Inspired By Old VH1 Playlists

    Hey, The Voice! It’s still pretty good! And right now, there’s pretty much nothing else on TV except for Game of Thrones! On last night’s episode, Carson Daly, you’ll be happy to learn, moved on from the detestable suit-with-sneakers look he was rocking last week. Unfortunately, he swapped that thing out for a leather jacket […]

  • The Voice Keeps The Niceness Quotient High

    After the first of its live shows, some real problems have emerged with The Voice. Similar to the last season of American Idol, none of the celebrity panelists is willing to say anything remotely critical, although that reluctance at least makes more sense here because they’re supposed to be coaches, and not judges. It’s becoming […]

  • The Voice Battles Over Reality-Show Staples

    The Voice is now a month or so in. It’s a massive hit. It’s the show NBC’s putting on after the Super Bowl. It’s out of American Idol‘s shadow. And it’s a week away from becoming a live show and really launching into its season. It has arrived. So someone should really say something about […]

  • American Idol: It’s Finally Over!

    A deeply frustrating season of American Idol is over now, having discovered exactly zero future stars, and last night we got the massive glitzathon finale, an annual event that reliably has little or nothing to do with the rest of the season. Scotty McCreery barely even looked surprised to win the thing, and he only […]

  • The Voice Battles On

    On the same night that American Idol rumbles on to its inevitable conclusion, it’s pretty great to switch the channel over an hour later and catch one of these zippy, not-too-serious battle-round episodes of The Voice. This show has its problems, and it’s still very early on, but right now it’s just whupping Idol‘s ass […]

  • American Idol Goes Really, Really Country

    Oh boy, here we go. I can’t possibly overemphasize how not excited I was to watch this Idol finale: Two perfectly decent singers who stick entirely within their genre–the exact same genre, even–and who both ran out of interesting tricks and wrinkles weeks ago. TMZ had a story yesterday evening that Lauren Alaina’s voice was […]

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