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  • What New Yorkers Should Put on Their Summer Reading Lists

    In the midst of rereading novelist Helen DeWitt’s first short story collection, Some Trick, at a certain East Village café, a man who did not have fortune on his side tried to strike up a conversation with me. He asked if I was reading a book (yes?). He asked if I was a writer (yes!). Then […]

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  • Why (Almost) Everything Looks Different Today

    Today, in honor of International Women’s Day, we’ve given over the bulk of our homepage to some of the women who’ve help transform the Village Voice into a platform for progress over the past six decades. To say that the Voice provided a venue for women to express themselves socially, culturally, politically, and sexually always […]

  • Film Poll: Voters’ Ballots

    The Voters (click on a person’s name to go to their ballot): Simon Abrams, Sam Adams, Siddhant Adlakha, Florence Almozini, Mallory Andrews, David Ansen, Ali Arikan, Sean Axmaker, Jason Bailey, Miriam Bale, Abbey Bender, Sheila Benson, Christian Blauvelt, Danny Bowes, Charles Bramesco, Sean Burns, Monica Castillo, Daryl Chin, Jaime Christley, Jake Cole, Sherilyn Connelly, Adam […]

  • Film Poll: The Full Results

    Best Film: 1. Phantom Thread (348 points) 2. Lady Bird (326 points) 3. Get Out (318 points) 4. Call Me by Your Name (305 points) 5. The Florida Project (289 points) 6. Dunkirk (202 points) 7. Personal Shopper (169 points) 8. Nocturama (165 points) 9. A Quiet Passion (161 points) 10. The Shape of Water (152 points) 11. BPM (Beats Per Minute) (139 points) 12. Twin Peaks: The Return […]

  • Film Poll Comments: A Year of Upheaval

    On #MeToo and the Weinstein Reckoning: “…and the increasing public awareness that the proclivities of terrible men are not just a behind-the-scenes concern but are instead much of the reason that so many studio (and major indie) releases are so limited in their thematic reach.” —Alan Scherstuhl “We shall see if it has significant impact […]

  • Film Poll Comments: Winners and Losers

    On Call Me by Your Name: “This film makes so many compromises to reach a ‘mainstream’ (read: heterosexual and relatively socially conservative) audience. It leaves both gay sexuality and identity offscreen, letting the camera float out the window when Elio and Oliver fuck. Aesthetically, it offers such a tourist’s-eye view of Italy that no one […]

  • Film Poll Comments: Movies You May Have Missed

    On The Road to Mandalay: “A trenchant commentary on the misery of being an undocumented immigrant, it managed to synthesize Ken Loach, Hou Hsiao-hsien, and Jia Zhang-ke, and everyone I know who saw it at the New York Asian Film Festival thought it was the festival’s find this year. But it may be too bleak […]

  • Resistance Will Prevail at This Year’s PEN World Voices Festival

    The PEN World Voices Festival, for which the Village Voice serves as an official media sponsor, announced yesterday that the theme of this year’s event — the fourteenth edition, to be held April 16–22 — will be “Resist and Reimagine.” The mandate befits a collective moment in which the foundational values of PEN America — […]

  • Introducing (RE)VIEW, Our New Film and TV Newsletter

    New York is a town of constant reinvention, and as New Yorkers go, so do their newsletters. That’s why we’re proud to announce the arrival today of (RE)VIEW, the Village Voice’s newly refreshed, revamped, refurbished, and reimagined film and TV newsletter. Like the Voice’s old film newsletter, (RE)VIEW will offer a survey of the week […]