Author: Tejal Rao

  • Spiedie Notes: A Sandwich Tour of Binghamton and Endicott

    When I tasted my first spiedie in Bed Stuy, the little sandwich was a long way from home. Fork readers were quick to point out that Brooklyn Bird was doing it wrong by applying cheese and serving it on the incorrect type of bread. The spiedie is a regional delicacy, a deconstructed fast-food sandwich popularized […]

  • New York’s Serious Case of Cronut Fever, and How to Cope

    Are you experiencing feelings of extreme happiness and sadness? Have you lost interest in other breakfast pastries? You may be suffering from cronut fever. Last Friday, when we first tasted Dominique Ansel’s newly unleashed pastry–a delicious, delightful croissant-doughnut hybrid with a delicately rose-flavored glaze–we had no idea that half the city was about to lose […]

  • This Week’s Review in Pictures: Wylie Dufresne’s Alder

    This week’s review is of Alder, Wylie Dufresne’s new restaurant in the East Village, where I found the platonic ideal of clam chowder — lean but incredibly silky, full of flavor — with a particularly delicious trick up its sleeve. Photographer Dominic Perri took so many excellent photos at the restaurant, it seemed a shame […]

  • Tasting Van Leeuwen’s New Vegan Ice Cream

    Good news for vegans this summer: One of Fork’s favorite parlors in the city,Van Leeuwen, has debuted two new flavors made without the shop’s usual cream, milk, and eggs. We stopped in for a taste of the new vanilla and chocolate scoops, to see how they stood up to our usual order of strawberry and […]

  • Wylie Dufresne’s Casual East Village Outpost

    Here is a bowl of New England clam chowder ($15), the stock, thickened with potato, a silky conduit for the flavors of clams, bacon, and bay leaf, served with a bowl of “oyster crackers.” You know this dish, but there are those silly quotation marks, relics of menu-writing, reminding you that things aren’t always what […]

  • The Cronut Is a Doughnut-Croissant Love Child

    It peels away in layers, but it’s shaped like a doughnut. It tastes of sweet yeast, butter, and rose petals, but it’s light and airy inside like a well-cooked croissant. What the hell is it? Dominique Ansel‘s new cream-filled “croissant-donut,” or cronut ($5). Ansel is the classically trained French chef who ran the pastry kitchen […]

  • Miss Lily’s Bottles Their Jerk-Chicken Sauce

    The city’s finest jerk chicken is in Brooklyn’s Flatbush, but Caribbean luncheonette Miss Lily’s has a few admirers for the tender jerk it serves on West Houston. Those with access to grills this summer should know the restaurant is joining the ranks of New York sauce peddlers such as Rao’s and launching their own branded […]

  • Watch Big Gay’s Hypnotizing Ice Cream Production

    Big Gay Ice Cream is one of my favorite ice cream shops in the city (and recently launched a whole new line of excellent soft-serve in collaboration with Ronnybrook Farm). They Vine, too. Check out a short, mesmerizing video of their production line after the jump. Big Gay is producing cups of bourbon-spiked vanilla for […]

  • Yuji’s Ramen Experiments Will Go Strong Through August

    Last time we caught up with ramen whiz Yuji Haraguchi, he was setting up shop in the Whole Foods Bowery pop-up and scheming to open his own restaurant in Williamsburg later this year. The stint was supposed to end this spring, but Fork hears that Haraguchi will be staying put through the end of the […]

  • Feast Bungles Group Dining in the East Village

    If you’ve stood with friends and watched a piglet roast over the coals, or passed around a gratin dish so heavy that you sprained a wrist, you’ve feasted. Its meaning is old and its form isn’t fixed, but we all know a feast when we’re at one. It involves the sort of joyful and unpretentious […]

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