Author: Sophie Weiner

  • For Its Eighth Year, the Brooklyn Folk Festival Responds in Song to Signs of the Times

    Banjo player Eli Smith grew up in New York in the 1990s, when the city was fertile ground for revolutionary music and art. Queens and the Bronx produced bar-raising hip-hop, the Club Kids took over nightlife, and the downtown Manhattan performance art scene flourished. Smith, on the other hand, fell in love with old-time folk. […]

  • Punishment and Surprise From Oneohtrix Point Never at Warsaw

    For music nerds who weren’t at SXSW last night, the Warsaw — a Polish community center turned rather-big venue in Greenpoint — was the place to be. Headlining was Daniel Lopatin, the producer who has gone by the name Oneohtrix Point Never since 2011. This tour has seen Lopatin, joined by longtime visual collaborator Nate […]

  • Sorry, Guardian, but Protest Music Is Alive and Screaming

      It seems pretty safe to assume that the Guardian’s Jonathan Luxmoore and Christine Ellis didn’t watch the Super Bowl. If they’d seen Beyoncé’s Black Panther backup dancers, how could they write the screed they published Monday, “Not talkin’ bout a revolution: where are all the protest songs?”? If the piece is to be believed, […]

  • Kanye West’s ‘The Life of Pablo’ Is the Best Album Ever, Just Like Every Other Kanye Album

    Embed from Getty Images On February 11, 2016, rapper Kanye West launched his new fashion line, Yeezy Season 3, at Madison Square Garden, in a show coinciding with the first public presentation of his new album, The Life of Pablo. Getting here has been quite a journey. The album, which was first announced as So […]

  • Haribo: Shrieking Outside the Box

    At the Ridgewood venue Trans-Pecos, a box, inscribed with the word “Juárez,” sits in the middle of the room. A demonic voice emanates from somewhere, like that of an invisible witch cursing the audience. Slowly, Raúl De Nieves, the leader of experimental Brooklyn art band Haribo, emerges from the box wearing a striped jumpsuit, his […]

  • How to Dress Well – Irving Plaza – 9/17

    Better Than: Anything described as “PBR&B.” Going off his music alone, one might have assumed How to Dress Well’s Tom Krell was another self-absorbed white dude with a decent falsetto and too many feelings. Though he is indeed white, and has quite a few feelings, Krell was, to my surprise, an exceedingly gracious performer. See […]

  • Arcade Fire – Barclays Center – 8/24/14

    Better than: Listening to Reflektor. There was a moment when Arcade Fire began where I was convinced I was seeing the wrong band. Opening with the title track of their newest album Reflektor, it was hard to see the earnest accordion-playing art kids from Montreal under the shiny suits, blinding lights and glam motifs. I’ve […]

  • J-CUSH on Lit City Rave: “Trust That the Energy Will Reach Ridiculous Levels All Night”

    Lit City Trax is a New York-based record label that happens to throw some of the city’s best parties. Founded in 2011 by Jamie Imanian-Friedman, also known as performer J-CUSH, the label puts out a steady stream of artists pushing past the edges of dance music. DJ Rashad, who tragically passed away this year, was […]