Author: Shawn Bosler

  • Holy Grail+Cauldron+Wizardry

    Tonight’s heavy metal throwdown is the real deal: early-’80s style, where frilly guitar shredding and operatic vocal bombast un-ironically rule the roost. L.A.’s Holy Grail do a modernized take (think Dragonforce) on Iron Maiden-esque power metal. Canada’s Cauldron authentically reproduce the classic New Wave of British Heavy Metal sound, including the genre’s often-overlooked pop hooks. […]

  • Low

    Low have been, um, laying low for the last few years, yet their presence abounds. Since 2007’s Drums & Guns, the band has seen several tunes appear in TV shows and movies, they’ve had two(!) songs covered by Robert Plant (“Silver Rider” got a Grammy nomination), and they swapped bass players yet again. It’s good […]

  • Celebration

    Celebration’s recently self-released album, Holy Paradise, is a fantastic record that displays a big growth spurt. The vinyl-only (pay-what-you-will for digital) disc blends their tribal high-brow goth rock with more overt pop turns. Lead vocalist Katrina Ford has tamed her inner David Yow-ling into softer, swirlier singing a la Bjork. Interestingly, the same Birthday Party-esque […]

  • Hull+Batillus+Caltrop

    Brooklyn metal represents tonight at the Studio with Hull, a bruising quartet that blends the atmospherics and thunder of Neurosis, the prog-leaning attack of Mastodon, and the melodic group shout-sing of Torche. Batillus are a stellar newer doom act, whose slow-moving, unholy dirge leaves slime, rot, and dead bodies in its wake. With Chapel Hill’s […]

  • Godspeed You! Black Emperor

    After their long absence, GY!BE’s untarnished legacy of post-rock/classical minimalism has spawned hordes of imitators and arguably countless new micro-genres. Just follow the band’s family tree–Silver Mt. Zion, Fly Pan Am–and/or the many who cite their influence–Mono, Mogwai, the Books, Explosions the Sky. Tonight, Worldless Music reunites this Montreal instrumental collective for their first Brooklyn […]

  • Dysrhythmia

    Tech-metal nerds, grab your helmet, goggles, and drool cups and dive into the hyper-math rumble that is Relapse Records’ instrumental trio Dysrhythmia. Quoting equally from the proggy tomes of Mahavishnu Orchestra and King Crimson, the underground tech of Atheist and Cynic, and the post-rock metal of Don Caballero and Mastodon, these shredders pack every kind […]

  • Crowbar

    Cajun sludge? Swamp metal? Call Crowbar’s blend what you like, but throw some horns in respect for these NOLA legends. Bearded, barrel-chested bard Kirk Windstein, known for his work with Down (and recently, Jamey Jasta’s Kingdom of Sorrow), has been carving out monumental melodic doom riffs for nearly 20 years. His excellent metamorphosis record, Sever […]


    Hey, kids! Anybody remember the post-hardcore tsunami known as Drive Like Jehu or their latter incarnation, the angular, garage-rocked Hot Snakes? Best bone up, they smoked! Obits are another fine band from guitarist-vocalist Rick Froberg. For Obits, Froberg turns down the BPMs, but turns up the reverb, the lo-fi garage grit, and the melodicism. The […]

  • Maserati+Psychic Paramount

    Maserati and Psychic Paramount explore two sides of the kraut rock legacy. Maserati is a thinking man’s dance band with looped guitars that ride on waves of synths and bubble over with neon-colored joy. Psychic Paramount’s controlled chaos is darker and more turbulent, the mecha-assassin rhythm section vibes This Heat and the relentless guitars soar […]

  • Black Mountain+the Black Angels

    Canadian psych-rockers Black Mountain have a doom-y choogle that sounds like it descended from the Appalachians. Their latest CD, Wilderness Heart, expands on the classic-rock love-in they started on 2008’s In the Future, but with bigger guitar hooks, more synths, and more male/female vocal trade-offs. Austin’s Black Angels vibe on ’60s garage rock with swanky, […]

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