Author: Sean Pressley

  • Tribes of New York: Afropolitans

    12.16.16 9:45 P.M. Copacabana Rooftop 760, Times Square. Friday night marked the year’s final edition of AfropolitanNYC, a Manhattan networking event and dance party that celebrates the African diaspora. The bash began in 2013 when, observing the fast growth of young African professionals in American cities, D.C.-based DJ Kweks quit his corporate job and became […]

  • Tribes of New York: Internet Yami-Ichi

    11/6/2016 Noon. Knockdown Center, Maspeth, Queens. ‘We need an escape from the internet to meet people in a real space,’ said Kensuke Sembo, the event’s co-founder. ‘It’s kind of a break.’ Some of the web-savviest among us descended on a repurposed warehouse in Maspeth on Sunday to take a sideways look at our collective internet obsessions. […]