Author: Scott Indrisek

  • Interview: Mike Doughty on The Hell That Was Soul Coughing, The Benefits of Psychedelics, and Fictionally Screwing a Republican

    “I get more and more afraid that a Soul Coughing reunion is going to be forced upon me at knifepoint. I don’t need money that bad. I swear to God.” Mike Doughty’s got some staying power. The singer-songwriter first hit the radar with Soul Coughing, that mid-’90s indie-band-with-stand-up-bass responsible for lodging “Super Bon Bon” in […]

  • The Sunnier Days of Real Estate

    Real Estate are from New Jersey—Ridgewood, to be exact, a not-quite-unposh suburban enclave 10 miles from the New York State border. “Everybody’s dad works on Wall Street,” explains singer/guitarist Martin Courtney. “Not really, but that’s the vibe—Moms driving Escalades, 14-year-old kids going to Starbucks.” This isn’t exactly Springsteen territory: no muscular odes to running away […]

  • Fever Ray’s Smoke, Mirrors, and Hirsute Wolfmen

    We’ve slowly broadened our definition of what constitutes “live performance”: Consider Dan Deacon wielding his green plastic skull, Girl Talk headbanging over a laptop, or Daft Punk doing whatever it is they do in that pyramid. When Swedish brother-and-sister duo the Knife brought their menacingly iconoclastic electro-pop to the stage back in 2006 behind their […]

  • POP Montreal: The Weekend in Review

    Dark Meat photo by Rebecca Smeyne Now that the dust has settled, it’s time to take a look back at POP Montreal—from multimedia orgies in porn palaces to Neil Young tributes and righteous post-punk from Guelph. If you missed it, here’s a cheat sheet to what went down in Arcade Fire’s birthplace last weekend: *Opening […]

  • POP Montreal Day 4: The D’Urbervilles, Adam & His Amethysts, PUCE Pop

    Yesterday was a slow day for musical discoveries, barring Guelph’s The D’Urbervilles, who played an invigorating afternoon set at Le Divan Orange. Unfortunately, Adam and His Amethysts were too dull to deserve such a sparkling moniker; what’s worse, their front man is also a member of Miracle Fortress, a band whose praises I would gladly […]

  • POP Montreal: Owen Pallett Scores a Porn a/k/a Final (Really, Really Gay) Fantasy

    Based on how this year’s POP festival has run, you’d think we spend most of our time slouched in the cozy, questionably sanitary seats of an adult movie theater on St. Laurent. Last night, local musician Socalled gathered a rogue’s gallery of performers—including Owen Pallett, plus members of Belle Orchestre and HELITRONS—to perform the live […]

  • POP Montreal Day 3: Burt Bacharach, Chad VanGaalen

    Here’s a Zen koan for you: Would it be a Burt Bacharach concert if Burt Bacharach wasn’t there? In the case of this 80-year old living legend, overshadowed by studio musicians and back-up singers in the daunting environs of an ornate church, the answer is, sadly: yes. Sure, Burt was physically present, playing the piano, […]

  • POP Montreal: Things We Love About This City

    What makes Montreal worth a long weekend—or a visa application, if a McCain/Palin nightmare comes true? Here’re a few of our favorite things. *Giant chess boards in Place Emilie-Gamelin. Sure, the park itself, a la Tompkins Square, is a squatter’s haven for squeegee punks and those that love them. But who can’t enjoy watching grown […]

  • POP Montreal Day 2: Irma Thomas, Lil’ Andy & Ideal Lovers, ‘MILF Cruisers 12’

    After one too many cocktails at an impromptu party across the street from the Ukrainian Federation, we managed to snag balcony seats to see Irma Thomas. The self-proclaimed “Queen of New Orleans Soul” looked decades younger than her 67 years, decked out in a sequined shirt, grey tights and heels. Her backing band warmed up […]

  • Live from POP Montreal: A Music Festival in a Pervert’s Paradise

    Montreal is the spiritual—and occasionally, temporal—home of Leonard Cohen, recently inducted into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame. (He’s also a man awesome enough to be entitled to say crazily pretentious things—like calling concert fans “angels born of the mud”—as he did during a foul-weathered performance in Glastonbury). Montreal landmarks, like Our Lady of […]