Author: Scott L. Malcomson

  • Cocaine Republic

    The bi-prop to Tocache slipped in and out of clouds, above the dark green of the jungle, and since I had a fever the colors were even more intense than usual. Clouds flowed down steep green moun­tains into the deeper green of the Huallaga River valley. The valley floor is broken up by the winding […]

  • Jack London’s Endless Journey

    1994 Village Voice Literary Supplement article by Scott Malcomson about Jack London

    The Inevitable White Man But remember, my reader, whom I hope to have travel far with me through time and space — remember, please, my reader, that I have thought much on these matters … I have been alone with my many selves to consult und contemplate my many selves. I have gone through the […]

  • Black Monday, 1987: Didn’t We Almost Have It All?

    Wall Street Sings Along There’s nothing wrong with the economy. —Ronald Reagan, with some irritation There’s a worldwide Las Vegas going on. —anonymous financial consultant MONDAY NIGHT was a beautiful night, cool and calm, a refreshing breeze to keep one alert. A perfect night for heavy drinking, and by coinci­dence many financial pro­fessionals seemed deter­mined […]