Author: Sam Weisberg

  • I Will Follow You Into the Dark Can’t Figure Out Its Tone

    In a long-abandoned hospital ward hidden within a remodeled apartment building, a scratchy Victrola turns itself on and off. Disembodied voices, muffled behind walls, scream for help or hum creepy lullabies. Elderly apparitions dance, strobe-lit, about the corridor. One of these ghosts, who’s been stuck in the ward for years, describes the unjust rules of […]

  • A.C.O.D. Is a Hysterical Mess With A Bit Too Much Self-Editing

    A.C.O.D. is an anomaly of sorts, a comedy jam-packed with screaming, nagging, and chronic discomfort that you nonetheless want to spend more time with than you’re given. The film is willfully messy and disjointed, so as to mirror the chaos within real-life A.C.O.Ds (Adult Children of Divorce). It’s at its acerbic, spryest best when the […]

  • Four Doesn’t Quite Add Up

    With its glum, suburban Fourth of July setting, Four aches be a tragedy about identity crisis in America (young homosexuals terrified to come out, black girls teased for seeming too white). But the film, adapted by director Joshua Sanchez from Christopher Shinn’s 2002 play, never achieves its intended weightiness. It’s merely about two lustful yet […]