Author: Russ Kick

  • From Their Vaults to Your Desktop

    Finding out what you’re not supposed to know is easier than ever, thanks to the Net. A number of Web sites have posted truckloads of formerly secret government and corporate documents online, and even more sites offer neglected news and views from progressive, conservative, radical, and other (sometimes unidentifiable) viewpoints. Here are some of the […]

  • Presto Chango

    Are you stuck in a bad marriage, or is a stalker on your trail? Do bill collectors call more often than your friends? Are you dogged by things you did in your misspent youth? Or are you just fed up with being tracked, monitored, and “databased” by intrusive corporations and the government? If so, consider […]

  • Washington 451

    This is how the burning begins. Down in Washington, D.C., the censors gather into a pile the books and Web sites they hate, grab a gallon of gas, and strike a match. But they call this bonfire a bill, a piece of legislation, which is legal and tidy. It’s happening now with S.R. 486—remember that […]