Author: Russ Kick

  • Beyond 2000 and ScienceDaily

    With scientific research and technological developments proceeding at light speed, staying up to snuff requires more than just catching a sci-tech segment on CNN. Whether you want your science news slick and served with flair, or raw and dished up assembly-line style, the Web will give you what you crave. Just as History House ( […]

  • Looking for the Grinch Who Stole Christmas?

    It seems like the only time you hear the words Internet and crime together is when the media flogs a scare story about some hacker who claims to have downloaded Colin Powell’s cholesterol count from the Pentagon. But the Web intersects crime in a number of important ways, from the obvious, such as news and […]

  • ‘The Position’

    If you’re looking for an online sex magazine with bite, you need to assume The Position ( Published by New York’s one and only Museum of Sex, this weekly webzine dispenses with the fiction and poetry, giving us fly-opening journalism and essays about getting it on. The main features often have a decided edge—fetishism, sex […]

  • The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Radical Web

    •The alarms go off almost every day: The Web is being corporatized! Alternative voices are in danger! Though there are definitely some troubling aspects to the invasion of cyberspace by suits, plenty of sites are still run by rabble-rousers, watchdogs, secessionists, blasphemers, monster watchers, and assorted malcontents who rock the What follows is a […]


    It’s time to unwind with some old-fashioned violent wish fulfillment. You may think we’re hopelessly adolescent because we enjoy beating the shit out of a virtual Bill Gates or watching Rosie O’Donnell getting eaten by King Kong, but when you’re by yourself, we bet you’ll be visiting The site’s Flash games aren’t the most […]


    Promising us “the bare-knuckled, unvarnished, high-octane truth,” peels away the spin and the sheen of the auto industry—especially its American branch. Smartasses of all stripes will relish the rants, cynicism, and butt-chewing product reviews, and corporate critics can enjoy the fireworks of the Autoextremists as they skewer the industry. Peter DeLorenzo spews the most […]


    At last, a UFO site that captures the complexity, enthusiasm, and spookiness of its subject. AlienZoo ( has spiffy design and the obligatory “community” features—e-mail, chat, message boards, e-postcards (yawn)—plus some neat bells and whistles (Net-O-Matic is particularly fond of the interactive Flash animation that lets you try your hand at an alien autopsy). But […]

  • Buzz Kill

    When Congress tries to burn the Bill of Rights, its motto is “If at first you don’t succeed, strike another match.” With the Methamphetamine Anti-Proliferation Act of 1999 bogged down in the House Judiciary Committee, lawmakers have introduced a similar new bill in both houses. The Ecstasy Anti-Proliferation Act takes aim at other drugs but […]


    Imagine The Onion ( crossed with, and you’ll have an idea of what Landover Baptist Church is all about. Found at, this send-up of Christian supremacists features an interactive quiz on biblical punishments (unruly children: death; women who wear showy clothes: death; overeaters: death), reviews of Hollywood’s ”anti-Christian trash,” streaming audio of hellfire-and-brimstone […]


    If you haven’t been to yet, you’re not only missing the best Bush-bashing Web site, you’re missing the best online parody of any candidate. Decorated with (supposedly) doctored photos of Dubya indulging in a certain white powder, the site earned Bush’s wrath when it first sprang up last year. The pol tried to have […]