Author: R.C. Baker

  • The Kid From Aberdeen

    Cal Ripken Jr. and his father in Oriole regalia

    I’m .333 career vs. Cal Ripken Jr. It was 1978, a semifinal game of the Maryland State High School playoffs. There were some grizzled guys in the bleachers, and rumor had it they were scouts, all there to see this kid from Aberdeen whose old man was a coach for the Orioles. Warming up to […]

  • Flesh and Paint

    “Corporate shit,” I thought, stepping through the door. At first, Dennis Hollingsworth’s slathered oils look like the garish, peppy, mindless lobby decorations of a trendy ad agency. Even after you are drawn in by the oddball burrs of paint jutting an inch from the linen, the surface loopiness may well lead you to (rightly) suspect […]